Accidental awesome

I was going for a ride today and my foot slipped off the pedal. Instead of falling of how ever the pedal did a whole rotation and caught my foot again. This was my accidental awesome moment. If you have one please post it.:smiley:

I recovered from a sideways slide one of the first times I rode on ice. :slight_smile:

I slipped into a foot deep water gully sideways due to the slippery sides, made a massive upper body movement to the side to stay on which was cool enough only to realise that in that massive move I had stuck the wrist wrap Velcro of my glove to the Velcro on my KH leg guards :stuck_out_tongue: I managed to separate my self with a firm tug and still stay on the Uni

I must have looked like such a tit :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re unicyclists; that seems redundantly redundant, doesn’t it?

My moment was last year on a trail. I was riding along when a little girl, about 7 years old, literally jumped out of the woods, much to the unhappiness of her parents, and stood just feet in front of me while I was cruising on my 36er around 13-14 mph. I made the sharpest turn of my life, effectively going about 110 degrees to my right. The momentum from my speed almost threw me off, but I managed to stay on. It was terrifying.

I had a good one last year. I was riding my 29 on a paved path that goes through several dark, low tunnels. There was a large spider dangling from the ceiling of the last tunnel at face height. I didn’t see it until it was a few feet in front of me. I’m not terrified of spiders or anything, but instinct took over anyway. I made a sharp turn to the right, missed the spider, bounced off the wall, and rode out of the tunnel backwards all in one smooth motion. Then it just took a tidy little hop twist to get going forwards again, and I was on my way.

I don’t think anyone saw it. Too bad. It’s probably the best second and a half of riding I’ve ever done.

A long time ago.

Cruising down the street and going at a pretty good speed, I suddenly realized that I was no longer on the peddles. It was my first decent, although unintentional glide.

It was a bit scary, and I felt totally out of control. Once my brain took over and said, this isn’t right, I got off.

Now I need to do it again, and have my brain say, this is sooo right.

Haha, that’s better than todays experience of me;
I made an in-air fall on my front bumper while making an perfect clean example of an UPD (except for the hitting part).
So now I wonder, was this a fall or a UPD?

I had so awesome accidental moments, but in the bad way…
especially, when I ride the unicycle for the first time…


I was dismounting at my car - parked on the side of the road to help mounting, since I can’ t free mount. As my feet hit the ground, I realized that I had coasted the last couple of feet! Must have sat down on the seat well(duh), allowing both feet to come off together. Amazing feeling.

my smoothest accidental move on a uni

25 years ago, I was living in a row of townhouse condos in a college town (Amherst, MA). They all had outside decks over the attached garages in the back of the units. I was riding my giraffe past the garages and had a view onto the decks. I spied a young lovely lounging on her deck a few units down from mine. I stopped to chat her up. She was a bit nonplussed at first, talking to someone whose head seemed to be nine feet off the ground. I asked her out…she declined.

Correction to my story title: It was my smoothest accidental move that almost succeeded.

Had mine today on my muni ride on my 29er.
Was riding down a hill to cross a creek but wasn’t using my brake. I went a little faster than I wanted to so I stuck my hand out to grab a tree and took my feet of at the same time but my hand slipped and I continued on my unicycle off the side of the trail coasting for about two revolutions then finally putting my feet on the pedals only to have my tire hit a big rock and get thrown off the uni. Probably my most scary uni moment also.