Academics on Unicycles

Thesis: unicycles suit academics.
Proof: It can be clearly seen in figures 1 and 2 shown below. The research is still in progress and data is being gathered.

Fig. 1: Lecture on road safety

Fig. 2: Chasing knowledge

I want to make this a game. What you need to participate:

  1. An academic gown
  2. A unicycle
  3. A camera
    You can replicate the already done studies or come up with original ones.

Also, if anyone has any novel ideas, but for some reason cannot conduct a study on them, post them here and I’ll test your hypotheses and publish the results.

Didn’t somebody get their diploma on a unicycle? Or probably lot’s of somebodys, but I saw a picture once…on I think.

I remember hearing his story, its the same guy who went across the US on giraffe uni and went on to do some greater charity type things. A few years later he was drafted and killed in the war I believe. I very vaguely remember the story.

Also Ken Looi, aka gizmoduck, has photos of himself graduating on a unicycle.

From Medical School?

that is one of the most vague and depressing storries i have heard today:(

So, is anyone going to post any pictures or cool ideas? I want to make the most of this gown while I’ve still got it.

And it’s a shame about that guy being killed in a war. Riding across the US on a giraffe is something note-worthy, at least in my books.

I’ll post one next week when I’m in sub-fusc (full oxford academic dress).

Here’s the detailed and inspirational version instead (still very sad though:( ).

Here is the pic my dad took of Ben’s grad ride.

UNIcycles and UNIversity are perfectly complemented. The perfect on-campus tranportation.

There’s a picture of me just before my graduation on my unicycling page:

and one just after here:

Yes. He also rode up the worlds steepest st that day I believe.

i love the second one, it is inspirational. i still think you should strip the undergarments a startle old ladies. Even whilst riding.

This is moving a bit too slow, so I’ll post another one.

Fig. 3: Academic Unispin

Edit: and I like those old graduation pictures. I wish I could do the same, but my school would probably crucify me for it.

Tom: I almost gave an old lady a heart attack just by riding in the street once; she actually stopped in her tracks, gasped and crossed herself. And I was wearing casual clothes, too. I don’t even want to think what would happen if I flashed her.

I’ve ridden down that road in California on my unicyle during Christmas break, after we went to Utah!

What road?

Finlly got around to it, not a great photo, you can’t really see the gown, but there we go.

You’re talking about Ben Linder. Wikipedia entry.


I like that flower in your pocket. Pocket-flower.

The carnation is very important, white for your first exam, pink for middle exams and red for your final exam. That way people know who to trash when they leave exam schools.:slight_smile: