Abusing my Airfoil Coker!

Well now that we had a nice day here in NYC… I figured it was about time to take out my new Airfoil Coker… and abuse the bad boy!

After plowing up an assortment of stairways (3-stair and 4-stair) and hitting some natural rolling trials lines (riding up and over some boulders), I decided to try some drops.

The 1-foot and 2-foot drops onto a flat surface went flawlessly, but the 3-foot drop onto a flat surface didn’t go quite as well!

I don’t have too much experience with drops, but I read a few previous threads to get some advice… and I did try and get my pedals into a level position. I had also repositioned my feet on the pedals so that the middle of my feet were on the pedals, because I often ride with the front of me feet on the pedals (when not doing anything that might jam my ankles).

I landed the drop and rode away fom it ok… but the problem was that I definitely bent something - I think my axle, most likely… and I still jammed my ankles a bit despite repositioning my feet on the pedals.

When I landed, I came to a momentary stall before riding away. Should I have ridden off the ledge with more speed so that I could have rolled more easily upon landing? Also how far back do you position your feet on the pedals when doing drops… should I essentially have my heels on the pedals? Or perhaps I didn’t bend my knees enough upon landing to help absorb the impact.

Any advice about technique for drops and/or if it is my axle that most likely bent (because the pedals and hub seem ok and the cranks look straight) is most appreciated. Thanks!

On a side note… my Coker hopping is coming along - I hopped up a small (4-stair) stairway for my first time today.

try getting comfortable with less forward momntum, you will find the pedals harder to get flat in the air if you take off with too much speed, there’s a lot of monnetum spinning around in the air for you to try to control.

It’s much easier with the 175’s, my favourite length for coker riding now. You easily overcome the ‘i’m going slow because i have long cranks on’ stereotype, i think any cranks can be made to get going fast

I am riding 175s also, and agree with you on the drops. 2 feet is really smooth, but bigger than that gets a little interesting. I plan on taking mine to the muni ride tomorrow, and will let you know how it goes. Keep up the good work on the coker! Remember, cheap aluminum cranks are easier to replace when bent that a hub. Keep on spinning!:smiley:

drops on cokers are hard because the flywheel effect and because its hard to get the wheel under control. also, dont go too big, otherwise get ready to rebuild that mega wheel with a new hub often. good luck andrew. come down here and race me sometime!
P.S. that goes double for you Mackenzie.