Abuse Unicycle?

Well I have had my KH 20" 07 unicycle since late April and I have broken the following:
-07 Frame- 270 unsipin- warrentied

-07 post- crankflip- warrentied

-07 Frame- 90spin crankflip- warrenty, got 08, told if I broke this one i wouldn’t get warrenty.

-07 post- crankflip- didnt ask for warrenty, bought new one

-07 post- crankflip- Only had it for 1 week, denied warrenty

First off I am grateful UDC warrentied all the other items.
BUT: When I emailed Unicycle.com with pictures (of the broken 07 seatpost I had a week) asking for a warrenty, they told me that it is not under warrenty because I seem I abuse my unicycle?!?!
1 week of “abuse” is supposed to kill a post!!! All I was doing that would “abuse” my post was crankflipping, for a week only! It isn’t like I threw it down on the ground or tried to jump 10 stairs.

So my question is: Do you think I seem to abuse my unicycle?

I understand I have broken a bunch of parts and if I broke more I shouldn’t recieve anymore parts under most circumstances. 1 week doesn’t seem like most circumstances

I’m surprised they replaced as much as they did. What do you expect them to do…send you new parts every few days? If you want my opinion, yes, you are clearly breaking things at an unreasonable rate and it seems out of line for you to expect that they be replaced all the time. Looks like 7 months and you’ve gone through 2 frames and 3 posts?! :astonished: So what if you broke a post in under a week! (Your THIRD post). Those parts aren’t junk, treat them like they have value, and they will miraculously last longer.

Sorry for the rant but you asked for it.


Hmmm - whether you abuse the unicycle unreasonably seems kinda beside the point to me. The gear obviously can’t handle what you’re asking of it. Even if udc was willing to replace a seatpost a week, would you want that deal? Sounds like a pain to me to wait for parts to arrive, cut posts and mount seats.

Why not upgrade to something a little harder to break?

I’m not in your league yet as far as broken stuff goes. I’m at:

  • one Torker stiffener plate
  • one KH seat base
  • one KH seat post

but that was enough for me. I just got a Wallis cf base and a Thompson post.

I have the same problem. I’m not a gentle rider… But I’m not sure if I’m too agressive or my parts suck.
We should start a We’re Too Hardcore For Our Unis club.


I agree with your suggestion to upgrade to something harder to break. If multiple KH parts are breaking, what will withstand whats being asked of the parts? Any Terrain is complaining that UDC won’t replace yet another seat post. If a third seat post broke in under a year it certainly isn’t up to the retailer to cover the cost of replacement. Maybe UDC could give a volume discount, buy KH seatposts by the 12 pack and KH frames by the 6 pack.:slight_smile:


You need to upgrade,
A thomson seat post + wallis seat base is the best set up possible.

EDIT “Yet another”. They only replaced 1, I am happy they did but I didn’t even ask for them to cover my other broken one (replacement), I jsut got a new one which broke in a week.

I am complaining that they arn’t going to cover a 1 week old seat post and the most i am doing on it (that would weaken/brake it is a crankflip.)

Yeah, but I don’t have any money.

I have never broken a unicycle part other than my bearing and a few stripped cranks. (only because I was new and didn’t know that it mattered what way they were on. I would definitely call myself a hardcore unicyclist.

If you don’t mind me asking, how did you break all those parts doing crankflips, did you land bad or something?

Well doing a crankflip you pull up on the seat. pulling up on the seat eventually will brake the seat post plate/weld.

The frames broke because of spins on wheel and to wheel.

Still…3 posts in under a year. Mind if I ask why you didn’t ask UDC to replace the one that you replaced? Treated it pretty rough maybe? Something is fishy here.

That’s my last post on this thread. I’m gonna try hard to shut up now.


Why are you complaining? You get what you pay for. UDC cannot keep on replacing your posts. Your skill has outgrown your material and you must upgrade. All sports get expensive when you get to a certain level. A mnt bike can cost $4000 or more.

meh, it is the price you pay for being good.

My friend in a competitive shooter and was pissed off last year because he was starting to out-shoot his equipment (shooting better than a bench rest) he had to buy a new more accurate riffle which cost him a couple grand. It is just one of the prices you pay for being so good.

Since you are young and seem to be short on cash, have you looked at trying for a sponsorship? Mind sponsorships are two way deals, not just free stuff.

Everyone breaks aluminium seatposts and KH frames. But your 08 frame should last a lot longer than your 07 did. And don’t keep using KH alu seatposts. The only parts I’ve broken are a KH frame and an alu seatpost. I upgraded both to something stronger and neither has broken since. Get a qu-ax reinforced post or a KH08 and you shouldn’t break any parts for a while.

Man, you brake stuff :astonished:

UDC really replaced lot of stuff…

I don’t know how you can brake so much stuff in your level! IF you’re doing out5’s, full varial flips down stairsets I would say that’s normal. Pele is always braking stuff for example. But you aren’t doing really hard stuff…

Your uni was pretty new when you broke it… I just can’t understand…

For seatpost, the thomsom would be the best for you right now… Or you can try to change your style to something smoother and lighter…

Good Luck, but I think that something is wrong!

All I can figure is that you land poorly. I’ve been doing 270 unispins to and from wheel for a while and haven’t broken a frame, while you’ve broken 2! :thinking:
What, do you jump way high and land with the uni at a low angle to the ground?

The seat posts, I can understand. They’re supposed to break:p

I think the main factor here is that Aluminum is certainly not the right material for you. Save up buy Some Ti, or deal with the weight and get some CrMO.

go to a welding shop and get them to make you a TI seat post with really thick like 1/4 " side walls ,
it may be a bit heavy if it’s to thick but IT won’t break!

your welcome :slight_smile:

Wow do you turn in to the hulk when put anywhere near a unicycle!?!
The Ti post idea might be the better solution.

I suggest you get a long neck frame. This way the post doesn’t have much room to bend or break.

That’s nice that UDC replaces your parts, but it does seem you’re a bit hard on them.