absolutely top end BMX wheel this is really impressive!

griping about the old un-updated pix and rather tricky descriptions for some of the items on uni.com is kinda old news but sayinghttp://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=828" for that wheel is over the top un-fair.

snickers yeah haha I guess that IS a bit excessive…

I could understand them saying a good BMX wheel, but that is absolutely not absolutely top of the line.

Well its got 48 spokes so it’s better than anything with 36 spokes. :stuck_out_tongue: :roll_eyes:

Look guys, we all know that you have more confidence in a seller who has the grammar skills of a 4 year old. It’s a tactic to get us to spring for our wallets. Those plates don’t look too strong either…

I rekon the Yuni bc wheel is better

I wrote that. You may find better wheel; but I could not in the UK when I looked for it. If you look at the specification it is top end. The hub is a branded double sealed cartridge bearings with a beautiful machined hub body. The splindle is CrMO and 14mm. The wheel has 48 good quality stainless spokes. The rim is a double walled eyeletted 48 hole rim made from hardened aluminium. Is it the price you are complaining about… that it is actually cheaper than the BMX guys are paying for wheels of lower specification with not tyres or plates?


How dare they. I can see the headlines now: “Retailer in ‘talking up their own products’ shocker!”

Anyone ever broken one?

i wasnt thinking of the UK since its on the USA site…did you write it knowing that it would be used there? Nobody over here has ever heard of a TX Quando BMX Hub therefor it sounds like somthing low end.

i didnt even bring up the price…the price is good, i payed that much just for my plates.

When I wrote the description I didn’t know it would get used by the other Unicycle.com’s. The problem is it actually takes a long time to write up specification for new products; so if someone you trust has already written a description in the right format… you borrow it (with the odd language translation).
The description is obviously not well enough written if you are needing a component name to realise that it is a good product. I will have a look at it and see if I can expand the description appropriately. Cheers. :slight_smile:


I was making fun of some of the Torker descriptions on eBay and some other vendors that make a big deal about them having 48 spokes while completely ignoring the fact that they have a poor wheel build and a single walled rim.

More spokes is not always better if the wheel build is bad. But it seems that making a big deal about having 48 spokes can make a deciding factor for some people when comparing two unicycles where one has 36 spokes and one has 48.

Now thats where my sisters tricycle wheel went. I thought someone from the block stole it…

Wow you guys really put your foot in it this time. :thinking:

I guess it is an easy mistake to make: being too critical of products we don’t know about.

Oh well, live and learn! :slight_smile:


BTW, No offense intended. :slight_smile:

I bet i can kill it.:smiley:

My 24" resembles something kinda like a octogon.

non-taken…i never ment to insult father TX Quando.

i bow before thee. :o