About to get a Nimbus Equinox, any thoughts before I do?

Hey guys, hope everyone’s been doing well, been busy and just unicycling as usual. I just want to check up with you guys about this before I put more serious thoughts into it. You guys know your stuff around unicycles much more than I do so helpful feedback / thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.

I’m having thoughts on getting a 19" Nimbus Equinox long neck trials/street unicycle, there’s a sale on it right now and if things work out with the shipping (need to find a way to escape the brokerage fee), I might get it. I figured I should since I’m starting to get pretty obsessed with hops and drops and think about doing some tricks. I have a 26" oracle and love it but of course doing tricks on it is harder due to the weight among other stuff.

So I have a 26er and a 36er so I figured the last gap that I’d like to fill is a 20".

I googled and asked around a bit, like about the difference of the KH 20" and the Equinox and I heard they can both handle similar drops. I plan to try to do around 5 ft drops, if I ever get the courage for it that is :stuck_out_tongue: . After some asking, I heard that the only real difference between the two that separates them in price is the brand name, the cranks, I see some other stuff but not sure the significance in them. I was also told that the KH hub comes in multiple pieces and creaks over time which I don’t like, it’s something I’ve read here too.

The Equinox is a tad bit lighter, which I think is partially due to the tire and crank.

I was worried about the long neck since my inseam is only 31", but I found out I can get it to 29". Just when I was interested in the Equinox, I find that it’s on sale! Got to be destiny :astonished: :stuck_out_tongue:

where is it on sale at? I’ve also been eyeballing this frame. But I don’t see it anywhere on sale…


I’m getting mines from the Canada store (well, I might):


I’m also eyeing the Impact Reagent


But since that’s not on sale (the Impact), i’ll just get it any time. Not sure the good and bad in comparing the two, other than the crank.

I just want to do those huge SIF hops, I’ve yet to be truly interested tricks that require flipping the unicycle around and so forth. Maybe one day.

Make sure you understand the difference between street and trials riding before committing your cash. If you have been riding larger wheels this may not be obvious.

For trials riding (hops and drops) you want a shorter neck so your knees can absorb the impact, otherwise your butt hits the seat and you bounce off. If you are only doing SIF then you should be fine but that is unusual.

Ah, I see. I was just looking for the frame. My bad.