About to get a new Coker, have questions

I am about to order a new Coker Big One and have some questions :

  • Why would I get the XLR street tire rather than the default button tread?
  • Both of my current unis (24,29) have 125mm cranks. Any reason for going with the 150s?
  • Handle : What has been the experience with the Coker handle?
  • Brakes : I don’t see an immediate need. The terrain I ride is not that hilly and is primarily on paved road. I could always get the brakes and put them on later. Any other factors I should consider?
  • Seat post/clamp - the “both” option for seat post and clamp…does that mean I get 2 seat posts and 2 clamps? Why would I do this?
  • Are there any benefits of ordering through a dealer like Unicycle.com rather than direct from Coker?

Thanks…looking forward to some new experiences…


I can address one of your items. You get a choice of seat posts but I think you only get one post clamp.

all in all, the Coker big one is a great deal, however if I was buying a 36er, I would go with the Nimbus Titan. Cheaper, parts are more universal and replaceable, better seat if upgraded to KH Freeride, and better tire choices when buying from UDC.

but most importantly, whatever you buy, you have to tell me when you get it so that I can take it for a spin :p.

I agree with zfreak, but I’d like to add that you will probably find 150s too long after a of bit of riding. I’d order from UDC and get an assortment of cranks (150, 125, 114). This way you save on the shipping. You can also get the Nightrider tire which is lighter than the coker one… Also, keep in mind that saving weight in the wheel (rim/tire) is much more important than saving weight in the frame.

I would start with 150’s

I started with 150’s, went to 125, then back up to 140. Cranks are cheap, so you should get both sizes eventually. 150’s are definitely easier to ride, at least for a first time 36 rider.

Oh, make sure you get the freeride saddle. It’s far better than the Velo saddle that comes with the coker.

I just got my coker 2 weeks ago and i love it. This is my first 36er and i picked the xlr tire and for me its working great ! smooth and quiet. I did get the bar with the uni and it works very well, i like the adjustabilty of it. I opted not to get the brakes but after i rode it i thought i should get some. So off to the LBS and picked up a set for 20 bucks. i mounted the lever to my right handle so far i like it out their.The only thing i didnt do was buy the 125s, now i wish i would of spent the 25 bucks more as i feel the need for shorter cranks very soon. The 150s are nice to start on !

P.S I ordered mine from coker and was shiped very quickly!

Titan vs Big One

I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

As for price, on Coker’s web site, the Big One is listed at $439. On UDC, the Titan is listed at $470. Also looks like the Titan will not accept a brake.

Is there a huge difference in shipping between direct from Coker and UDC?


Freeride vs Velo

My Bedford 29 has the Freeride saddle. Is the bolt pattern compatible with the Velo?

I was going off of UDC’s price of the Coker Big One, sorry. All you have to do to install that caliper brake I linked to is drill a hole in the fork of the frame. Doesn’t even have to be exactly centered, just has to be relatively close.

Edit:Yes to the saddle compatability. The only saddles you really need to worry about not fitting are Miyata/LX saddles.

Just wanted to add my $.02

I got the Coker V2 back in February in anticipation of RTL. In five short months I have:

  • Replaced the saddle with a KH free-ride.
  • Trued the wheel which was poorly built.
  • Replaced the seat post clamp because it stripped out.
  • Replaced the pedals.
  • Purchased new crank arms without the q-factor.
  • Buffed off the rust from my hub (multiple times).
  • Treated the rust on the frame (you’re not likely to have this problem with the aluminum Big One).
  • Replaced the crappy bearings. Check out this photo of the stock Coker bearings. http://gallery.mac.com/perrywoodin#100208/IMG_8400&bgcolor=black And, no… I did not over tighten the cups.

In my opinion, the parts on the Coker unicycles are sub-standard. If you can wait a bit longer I’d suggest holding out for the KH 36.

The first thing i checked on my big one was the wheel trueness and it was spot on ! The only thing is im not sure is how much tension the spokes should have ?
I dont have many miles on it and the feel of the spokes hasent changed.
Is your hub painted black ? if its the same as mine I will be keeping an eye on the rusting. Mine was shiped well and assembled well , i have had no problems yet.
Thanks for the info !

Yeah, I remember seeing those come off.

I got the Coker Big One (aluminum frame) and have been very happy with it. I do just road riding, about 6 to 10 miles at a time. No off-road. No drops.

  • Tire comparison: Button tire is lightest one on the market, apparently. Good for dirt. XLR tire appears to be identical (as in same factory) to the Radial TA, an awesome road tire, and probably lasts even longer than the button tire on pavement. Both last a long time. When worn, I found the button tire very sensitive to road camber.
  • Cranks: Opt for both, or buy others if you don’t want the Q-factor. 150s are great for getting used to the cycle, but too long for going fast or all day. 125s are great for most terrain and light MUni, 150 is great for medium MUni. For something like RTL you’d want something shorter than 125.
  • Coker handle: My favorite one on the market. Adjust it to where you want it! I ran the one I was trying out really low, but the bar-end part is fairly wide and my knees had to learn to stay away from it. If you run it at a more typical height this won’t be an issue.
  • Brakes: If you don’t feel you need them, you don’t need them (at least not yet).
  • Seat post/clamp: I like the aluminum post. Buying both give you a backup, or a choice of a long and a short one. This can be necessary if you go from MUni riding with long cranks and low seat to road riding with short cranks and high seat.

Today’s Cokers come with a Coker-branded Velo (KH) saddle. A huge improvement over the old Viscount! I like that seat just fine. The KH Freeride has not been my favorite. So far the best one for me is the Nimbus Gel. But it depends on the type of riding you’re doing.


I’m not sure about the Coker brake mount method (under the seat). If I buy later, I presume that the brake would mount to the handle. Is that satisfactory?


I didnt like it being under the seat as well,especially with the handle on.I went to my LBS and picked up a complete brake kit for 20 bucks and i put my brake lever on the RH bar end so when your tucked in its at my finger tips. I have only used it a couple times just to slow me down a hill abit. It works for me ! and I saved 40 bucks ! :slight_smile:

When you order, be sure to specify that you want a frame with brake bosses. Otherwise, mounting a brake would be more difficult in the future. I don’t know if this is still the case, but when the Cokers first shipped, if you didn’t specify that you wanted a brake, you would get a frame without the brake bosses.

brake bosses

The new Coker specifies that it includes brake bosses on the frame, though I’ll double check to make sure when ordering…tom