About the Unicyclopedia

Well, if you look in my sig, there is a link! The Unicyclopedia is a open-content book which anyone can edit. Please help us in making it one great source for everything you want to know about unicycling! Hop on over there and give us a hand. First, create an account using the link on the top right. Then, find a page that you want to edit and click ‘edit this page’. To make a new page, first type Template:UnicyclopediaTOC1 in the search box and then click ‘edit this page’ next, copy a already existing link and edit the name and page that it links to to something appropate. Then click save and click on your new link, add ‘{{UnicyclopediaTOC}}’ at the top and start typing.

Help make this a great resource. Take things that you have posted here which are useful and put them up there, or write whole new articles. Thanks!