? about Snowshoe (HoW)

Hey John, how are we all going to get to Snowshoe? As of right now I have no idea how I am going to get there. My dad said something about him having to drive us there because your dad didn’t want to leave late Friday night. I don’t know what thats about so just call me as soon as you can because I need to know how I am going to get there and my dad wants to know if he needs to drive there.

Actually, I am not too sure myself. I believe my dad can drive also, but I don’t think there is enough room for everybody in his car.

Unfortunately, the Hell-on-Wheel Mobile won’t be legal in time for snowshoe, but I can take the MGB if needed. However there’s only room enough for one other person and maybe 2-3 unicycles.

Frank, I think that having you drive would be very helpful. Even though you can only take one other person.

Yea Frank, it would be helpful if you could drive because I don’t know if my dad can or wants to. Anyway do you guys think that you would be leaving Friday night or Saturday morning. My dad mentioned something about Trip leaving Saturday because he didn’t want leave late, who knows. Well, keep me informed because my dad wants to know if he needs to rent another room thingie.

My dad’s friend owns a condo there, so no room renting is needed. I think, but am not sure, we are leaving Friday night. I’m going to my dad’s tomorrow or the next day, so I can get all the details then call you.

Nick- Have you gotten your profile hub installed yet? You might want to do it as soon as possible, because it might take them a while if they are busy. I don’t think it will be needed for what we are doing there, but you never know. They charged Frank $25 if I remember correctly. They may charge more, because Frank assembled his, and got them to true it. Tell your dad to call my dad to figure out the driving thing.

Also, the registration is the same as bikes, which I think is around $20-$25, but it might be more or less. I tried to get half price, for half the bike, but no luck.

Thats cool about the condo because that was my dad’s biggest worry.

About the hub. I have had some problems with it. It seems that once you tension a rim you sort of set it. If you loosen it and then retension it weakens it alot. (So they say at Rowletts) It is still usable but these no point in having a great hub if my rim blows. I’m working on getting it ready for this weekend. I hope I can.

I’ll try to get my dad to call yours about the rides. The specifics don’t matter, he just wants to know if he need to drive me there.

Anyway, I wanted to know; can you rolling hop as far and high as a regular hop? I’ve been practicing and I’m almost as good though the timing is really hard.


Nick- Can you bring your camera? That would be great. The charger and stuff is still at my house.

Quick questions about Snowshoe

Hey all I just returned form a crased computer and happened on this thred… I made it just in time! Is there anyone still around that is planning on attending this event? I am going to make the trip up and just wanted to try and meet up with other unicyclist while up there! -Mike (checkernuts), too bad you can’t make it but the west coast… i can’t feel too bad for you! Hope your having fun!
See you at Snowshoe!
aka Brian Meley

Hey man,
Yeah there’s four of us going as of now (5:00AM Saturday). Two of us (John and Nick) left last night, and Trip and me (Frank) are leaving this morning. You’ve probably already left, so this post is kinda meaningless, but oh well. Do you know where you’re staying? I can’t guarantee it cause it’s not my place and I don’t know how big it is, but there’s probably a good chance you could stay with us in John’s dad’s friend’s condo. Can’t wait to meet you, you’ll be the first out-of-state unicyclist we’ve ever met.
See you there,