About NAUCC 2003 . . .


Some comments for you about the upcoming North American Unicycling Championships and Convention (NAUCC) in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, beginning on Wednesday, July 30.

  1. Welcome to Minnesota! If you haven’t been here before, it’s a beautiful state with lakes and trails everywhere. Weather? Our expression is, if you don’t like the weather in Minnesota, wait 10 minutes. (It can change dramatically in a short period of time.) So, it may be about 98 degrees here, or closer to freezing. It’s anyone’s guess. Bring lightweight jackets, but also plan for plenty of heat and humidity. (Eeek.) However, I doubt that it will snow.

  2. At dusk, we have a quaint tradition of feeding the wildlife, unless you’re able to swat them first. (Bring bug spray.)

  3. Label your unicycles. They get dropped everywhere all day. Make sure it’s possible to identify yours.

  4. Bring kneepads, gloves, and helmet if you’d like to race. Label all your equipment.

  5. Enter whatever event you think you can handle. We’re still a small sport, so everyone is welcome to try, no matter how crummy they are. (I’m living proof of that.)

  6. Introduce yourself. Just walk up to people and start chatting. You’ll meet more people, learn more, and have more fun that way.

  7. Stay flexible. These events are run by volunteers. Things are often behind schedule or schedules may change. Try to go with the flow.

  8. Ask questions. Most riders are very willing to demonstrate skills or give pointers. Many of the Minnesota riders like to help out new riders, and we’ll be around to offer assistance if we can.

  9. As I understand it, register as a non-competitor if you want to ride at all, like in the practice gyms or anywhere else. Register as a competitor if you actually want to enter events. Enter events! Or, if you have any interest in learning to ride, don’t just sit around and watch! This is a fantastic time to increase your skills.

  10. At the track, the days usually get rather long. Many people bring coolers with lunch and snacks. I’m not sure what’s planned for food vendors during NAUCC, but I’ve found that my daughter and I spend very little time eating during the entire event. (In Toronto two years ago, I didn’t spend even half of what I’d planned to for food since we never found time to eat more than an apple or something else that’s quick and easy.)

  11. Learn more about the Unicycling Society of America. There will be an annual meeting, and the USA is in need of many good volunteers so our sport can continue to grow and develop.

  12. Have fun. Obviously, the most important goal of this entire event.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


P.S. If anyone plans a trip to the fabulous Mall of America while they’re here, let me know. The roller coaster there is cool, and I can’t wait to challenge Mr. Harper to a ride on the bumper cars!

Thanks for the tips Carol. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone there. I’m not showing up until Saturday for the trials comp.

see ya… Mojoe

Re: About NAUCC 2003 . . .

Carol is right. Events are fun. The spread of finishing times for races is usually pretty large and lots of skilled riders DQ (fancy racing term for “fall off”, literally “disqualify”), not just the novices.

Who’s going to take care of Buster while I PUMMEL your obviously puny, inferior little bumper car? Wear your Roach pads and helmet in that thing, Mclean.


I figure if I drive one-footed, with just one finger guiding the steering wheel, while sipping on an ice-cold root beer, AND as a colorful tropical bird rests lightly on my left shoulder, I’ll still be able to blast you right out of your feeble little bumper car without even breaking a sweat.

Roach gear is for wimps.

Bumper Car World Class Champion

By the way, where is Buster staying? Some flea-bag hotel?

For that matter, where is anyone staying?


Re: About NAUCC 2003 . . .

We have reservations at the Holiday Inn Express in Golden Valley. We have 33
flying(18 riders) and one rider and family driving with the trailer. We have 39
total including the USA president Tom and his wife Karen.
Barb K.

I think Tommy, Lewis and I and one or two more are staying at a Motel 6. ;).


My mom and I are staying in a Baymont Inn near the Mall of America. We got a really good deal back in February with an Expedia special rate. The price now on Expedia for the same motel is almost twice what we paid!


Andrea and I are at the “official” Super 8. We may be interested in sharing the room and charges. Send me a PM if interested.

Buster and I are staying at Carol’s house. I’ll try to get as many of you in there as possible. Buster’s incontinent so be careful.

Actually, John Childs, John Hooten, possibly Jerry Gruss and myself are sharing a room at the SUPER-8 Motel. We’re hoping John Childs will bring his accordian.

Nancy and I will be staying at the Holiday Inn Minneapolis Metrodome. We’ll be competing for the long distance driving award…all the way from San Diego. Too many toys to fly with…3 unis, 2 bikes, 2 sets inline skates…the odd sink, etc.

We’re lucky in that while we’re there, we get to visit our son who’s a student at the Univ. of Minnesota. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meeting all of you!


Seeing as how this is turning into a hotel list, I’ll add that Jacqie and I are staying at the Radisson in Roseville. I believe it’s just down the street from the “official” Super 8 but should be a little nicer.

Rhysling, if you’re into the Dune stuff, be sure to check out the newer books by Frank Herbert’s son. Much more action than in all the Dune sequels put together! The (three) newer books are prequels.

Re: About NAUCC 2003 . . .

Scott and I and (probably) the three younger kids get to stay in a
TCUC family’s backyard in their trailer! We’ll be in the lap of luxury
since we usually camp. We camped next to them for two weeks last year in
Issaquah, hence the invitation.
We’re driving from Oregon.

Looking forward to seeing people,


Scott, Jody, Vjera, Luke, Hope, Thad, and Simon Arnold:
The local unicycling family in Springfield, Oregon.

Okay. When are you arriving? I want to have the mint ready for your pillow.


You’ve got the proportions all wrong- he likes a pillow with his MINT.