??? about Macy's Parade and Uni

A guy that works for me said when he was watching the parade someone riding a uni in the parade was interviewed by the guy who is on King of Queens-Kevin James.
He said that he was riding a huge Uni. I thought it was a Coker, but he thought it was even bigger than that. If you saw this do you know if it was someone from this forum, and what size Uni was it?

Secondly, on a related note, one of the organizers of the Christmas parade in Athens, GA turned down the application of some Unicyclists from the area saying “We won’t need anyone in the parade riding a unicycle, we are a real parade.” I was a little offended by this, and was wondering if this guy doesn’t consider the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade a “real” parade. Or how about the Atlanta 4th of July parade that had about 20 of us on Uni’s. I wish he had told me that… I may not have been as gracious.

The Panther Pride Unicycle Team was in the parade. One of the riders on a giraffe was interviewed by the host of Evening Magazine.

Speaking of parades…

We spent Thanksgiving Day with my sister in Chicago and arrived at her house after the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade had made its appearance on TV. Rhonda said that she saw a unicycle group in the Chicago parade with a banner that, with only a quick glimpse, said WOW. Were the Wood One Wheelers out of Ohio in the Chicago parade?


Re: ??? about Macy’s Parade and Uni

The Panther Pride Team was in the Bon-Macy parade in Seattle, the day after
Barb K.