About conventions (Fluck, UNICON...)


I searched a similar thread but i didn’t found, so i created this one :smiley:

I’m planning to go to a convention this year… But i don’t know what is the best one to go…!

For me it’s very expensive trip to a convention…So if I need go to the “BEST” convention… Because probably if i go to a convention this year I will go to other convention in 2010 or 2011!

I saw last years a lot of videos of Fluck… but I Didn’t found anything about fluck in 2008!.. So i readed about UNICON 14 in danemark this year… I think that this one will be the best for me… But i really don’t know if this one is the best for me!

The trip to danemark is very expensive… Much more than for USA or France!

I will mail UNICON to understand how everything works, like charges, alimentation and Hotel… Because my father want to go with everything on the right way!

Anyone can suggest a convention? Or give me any tips?

Thanks, Pedro!

There is no fluck this year.

If you want, you can come to the “koxx days”, a great trial competition, next to Paris, in France. It is in March and this year there will have a flat competition!


yeah i saw some stuff about koxx days… It’s a possibility!.. My father have some contacts in France… So it’s easier to go… But it’s in March… It’s a little bit closer…But i will talk with my parents to decide!

Thanks man… And i accept sugestions!

Go to unicon it is the only convention where you see all styles of unicycling and all kind of unicyclists from all nations.

Exactly what i want!.. The truth is that i was going to live in other country this year… But i need to have 16 years… So i will probably go in 2009… And my parents think that is good i trip to know peoples from other countries!

I was planning to live in France or Canada, maybe USA…

So will guys from canada, france, EUA ride on UNICON?

Thanks AGAIN!


Everyone goes to Unicon (that can anyways), although I think we might see a bit of a smaller turnout this year due to the fact that its in the same country as fluck was, but who knows, maybe this will actualy make more people come!

I’ll be there.

Unicon is the one and only WORLD convention of unicyclists, organised every two years. It is the biggest convention in the following:

  • number of participants (about 1000 in 2006, I believe)
  • distribution of participants (all over the world)
  • various styles (races and other competitions, freestyle, workshops, team games etc etc)
  • duration (about 11 days)
  • comraderie
If you can only go to one convention, it MUST be Unicon! Their website is at http://www.unicon14.dk/

Klaas Bil (Netherlands, and planning to go too)

I’d say UNICON would be the #1 choice as well, but since it’s every other year, it’d be this year, or 2010.

(every year, all but the last)
-This years NAUCC (North American Unicycle Convention and Championships) is the first weekend in July, I think in Gorgia. (ALL Styles)

-There is Moab each year in late spring for trials, street, and MUni.

-CMW (California Muni Weekend) is usually in the late summer in California (Muni, trials). I don’t know this years location.

-Northstar at Tahoe (ride the lifts up and Muni down, probably 10+ riders). No solid date yet, most likely in July (anything other than the second weekend works for me). I’ve made a thread on it, but they haven’t released their offical opening date yet

NAUCC 2008 will be in Rapid City, South Dakota. www.naucc08.com

I recomend going to Unicon if you can (even though I won’t be able to make it) but if that’s too expensive, Koxx days is probably a good one, and NAUCC is a good one if you want to come to the USA.