? about Coker spoke lacing

I took my Coker wheel apart the other day. I’m going to rebuild it with a wider hub. The problem is, I forgot to look if it was 3-cross or 4-cross before I took it apart. :thinking:

I was assuming it was 3-cross, then I remembered reading a post about cutting the spokes to lace the wheel 3x. Looking at some of my photos of the Coker, it looks like it could be 4x.

So, please help a guy out and tell me what it is.

thanks in advance… Mojoe, confused in Iowa

The factory wheel is 3 cross. If you’re doing the Airfoil rim with the stock spokes, it’ll be 4 cross unless you have a spoke roller. The Airfoil rim is taller the Coker rim. I would recommend going to the stainless spokes from Uni-factory and the Semcycle nipples. I got mine uncut and did it myself.

Thanks Dirtsurfer!

I’m going re-use the stock crappy rim and see how long it lasts with a wider hub. If I start riding the Coker a lot, I’ll get the Airfoil rim later. I used to ride the Coker a lot until I taco’d the wheel twice. After that, I built up a 29er and just love it for commuting and singletrack. Right now, I just want to get the Coker rolling again so I don’t have $300 worth of unicycle hanging useless in the garage.

The Coker hub is only slightly narrower than a Suzue hub so I’m going to build up a 20 inch freestyle wheel with it. I’ve got a couple old Araya red anodized aluminum BMX rims that I can use. Just need to get some 184mm spokes, frame, bearings,cranks, pedals, seat, seat post, tire, and tube.

cheers… Mojoe

a stealth Torker may end up being cheaper than sorcing all that stuff,maybe not as fun though.

The Stealth Torkers are great. I test rode one in California. If only they had a square crown. Hmmm… I could aways get one and then do the jagur frame swap. My kids have 20 inch Torker wheel in a Yuni frame. Now you’ve got me thinking.

I’m off to eBay to see how cheap I can get a Steath Torker.

Thanks… Mojoe

YUni’s are cool or spend a little more and get a Sem long neck.

the look.jpg