About cheap unicycles!

Today Juggler508 and i were riding down town. he went off a drop and broke his axle. L8er he sat down and watched me. I jumped off some steps. I heard a loud clang and… my rim warped. This was our first unicycles and they were cheap ones. I was wondering about what other people did after they broke their cheap uni. About what was the next uni u bought.? How long did it take for u to ruin ur cheap first uni? just trying to explore some ideas about what i want to do !! :slight_smile:

    Thx Derek

bought a 12" savage.

broke my 12" savage,
bought a 16" savage.

broke my 16" savage,
bought a 20" savage

broke my 20" savage,
bought a 24" savage

broke my 24" savage,
had a sudden growth of brain cells,
bought a kh24,
lived happily ever after.



Bought my first 24’’ in February ($150 CDN), and still have it.
Bought a used 20’’ trials a couple weeks ago ($400 CDN, used), and have been using it almost exclusively since.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. :slight_smile: It only took one broken savage for me to buy a KH20.

PS are you saying you actually rode a 12 inch unicycle as your main uni? Wow, I’ve ridden one, but it was very difficult…

got a 24" Yuni Muni
Rounded a crank

Got a new crank
Snapped it in Half

Got a new crank
Bent the other one

Bought black widow Euros
Bent one, rounded one.

Bought a profile/dx32/gazz
hopefully, no more.

the 12" wasn’t difficult; it was just the right size for me! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was just a little tyke back then…4 or 5 i think