Aborted/cancelled/ruined rides

Here’s a thread to tell us about any rides you’ve planned that didn’t work out. This can be MUni, trials, street, coker, whatever. Basically, something beyond your control that made you have to abort your ride. Whether something happened as you were about to leave, en route, or after you got to your destination. Might have been an emergency phone call, car trouble, out of the blue thunder storm/weather related, or even lost your way and had to turn back.

I’ll start. Well, it had been raining the last couple days, but today was dry and so I decided to make a 120 mile round trip back to a trail that I’d only ridden once, over a year ago, but have been dying to go back a ride again. Up at 6am, out the door by 7am, and after a beautiful drive up the coast (N. on PCH) I arrived at the “Chumash” trail head, just across from the Point Mugu Naval base. This trail is quite steep, gaining nearly 1,000 feet in just the first .7 miles! Also quite technical and rocky, with some of the most amazing panoramic views from the summit.

After parking my car in the dirt turn out (There’s an ominous sign posted by the hwy patrol warning of theft: “Did you leave any valuables in your car? They won’t be there when you return!” Funny how it doesn’t say, “Might not be there…”, but simply “WON’T be there”. Wow. Anyway that sign was there last time too and no problems.

So I got all my gear on, put on my backpack, adjusted my saddle and off I went…for about 3 minutes! One thing I had feared, but was hoping wouldn’t be justified, was CLAY in the dirt. It’s no problem when dry, but after a good rain, and sometimes even for a few days after it stops, it unrideable. DAMN! Within just the first 20 feet of riding, my MUni tire was totally and completely CLOGGED with clay! It got so bad, so fast that the brake was acting as “dam”, and the wheel became locked and refused to turn! It was such a total and epic FAIL! 120 miles and nearly 4 hours of driving…for nothing!

Even though the trail has some rocky sections, the clay is everywhere and anywhere there is dirt, which is 98% of the trail. I couldn’t even hike it as my 5.10’s with the dot matrix soles were just as packed with clay, effectively eliminating all traction. I slipped and slided as I attempted to hike even the short distance back down! Oh well, at least it was a nice drive! :o:(

Nice with a thread that won’t be overloaded with pictures.

At second 12 hour mountain race I competed on my unicycle:

I experienced the same kind of clay you’re talking about, only I struggled on, carrying my uni for almost 8 hours for 20 miles! Blah!

Got up bright and early for a ride before going to work, the ride started out fine, I had just reached the turn around and noticed something wasn’t right, turns one of my crank bolts was loose and I did not have the big allen wrench to tighten it. The ride back was a series of short rides interspersed with hand tightening the bolt - not fun. The worst thing was that I looked right at that wrench when I was loading up and thought: “nah, I never need that wrench”

Yep, that happened to me…and once was enough! From then on I am never without this. It has every size I need, including the big one for the axle hex bolt. Smal l & easy to carry. :smiley:


I abandoned a ride last Tuesday when the rain/wind STOPPED :angry: . By the time I got home from work the storm was only a drizzle. I hate when that happens. My favorite mountain biking was always in a downpour with mud (not the gunky mud Terry was talking about) and wind to knock you over. I was hoping for my first stormy MUni experience. Here’s hoping to a wet winter.

Yeah I don’t at all mind having a good slosh through some mud…sans clay. It just washes of clean and won’t clog the tire tread. :slight_smile:

The other minor mechanical mishap I’ve had was caused by accidently putting the wheel on backwards. Shortly into the ride I noticed my pedal was loose and discovered the backwards wheel. The added difficulty in swapping the wheel around is that it will not come off past the brake fully inflated, leaving the option of letting out air and re-inflating (no fun with big tires and wide rims) or, as I chose to do, removing one side of the brake, swapping the wheel and reattaching the brake. Not horrible, but it killed 15 minutes of time when I had only about an hour to ride. I learned the brake and inflation lesson on a previous ride, where I repaired the flat, inflated the tire (takes forever) and then had to let the air out to actually reinstall and then inflate again - ugggh.

^Couldn’t you have just turned the saddle around? (Maybe I’m missing something obvious)^

I’ve had a week with no work on, so I’d planned on packing up some camping equipage and going for a 3 or 4 day ride. No real destination, just exploring.
Day of departure arrives and I wake up with a stinking cold. Bright green phlegm, pain when breathing, all the good stuff really.

Harper ruins our Seattle Area Rides quite frequently, by drawing undue attention to himself and viciously mocking anyone foolish enough to tell us we’ve lost a wheel.

Lucky for you you noticed that the pedals were getting loose. Did the same thing on a group coker ride, and was in a hurry putting on a new nightrider tire. About 15 minutes into the ride, the right pedal FLEW off… and so did I! :o

Yeah, same here, and did it to rejoin the group as fast as possible.

Good point. The brakes would be on the front - not an issue for a temporary fix.

I Drove about 45 minutes to Cheyenne Moutain State Park which has lots of inter-connecting trails and loops. I had also intended on getting a parks pass sticker for my 2nd vehicle. I got there around 6pm, they close the office at 4:30 or 5, so no pass for the truck this day. I parked in the EMPTY parking lot. As I’m getting my gear ready, The roving patrol moron stops by to tell me that my car tire is (3 inches) into his “Reserved for law enforcent vehicle only” spot and I need to move my car. After I did, he went to talk to some buddy that had pulled up to his car. A few minutes later he comes to check my pass. I had just got it the other day, it was still not pasted on my windshield because I had just got it the other day. I hadn’t been able to buy both on that date because you need both vehicle registrations to get two. ($60 first car, $25 for the 2nd). Anyway, I tell him that I don’t have a razor to remove last years pass, but I’ll be able to do all that when I get home. He’s being a dick with his attitude and such and then presents a razor for me to use and stands there looking at me looking at him looking at me. It’s about this time that I realize that I forgot to grab my riding shoes. I’m wearing crocs sandels and I have no other shoes in the car.

I tell him never mind the razor, I can’t ride today anyway. I’m out of here.

So, no ride, no 2nd pass, and about 2+ hours killed for nothing.

In the end, I decided I will never pay for a 2nd pass, ever, because of that stupid power tripping parks officer. I myself work law enforcent, and those kind of ass holes really suck.

Also, I figured out a way to easily move the sticker from car to car. Kind of a pain, but I will save money every year from now on.

I hope the threads weren’t damaged. I did that once on my freestyle and rode w/ it for a couple of weeks like that. The threads were slightly damaged on one side, which caused me to have to get new cranks about a year later.

This one happened quite a while ago. I’d been having problems w/ my crank bolts loosening on my Muni, so I added blue locktite, then uped the torque to 45 ft lbs. Then heard the max torque was 65 ft lbs, then switched to “permanent” red locktite. Then it was fine for a few weeks.

I was ~ 30 min into a planed 4 hour ride when my left crank started to feel wobbly so I dismounted to check it, it seemed fine so I got back on and before I got my second foot on I heard a crack. I look and the left crank bolt end had brocken off. I was able to figure a way to strap the Muni to my backpack and I hiked out.

The instructor of the machine shop at my college was nice enough to get the headless bolt out, which had broken off inside the axle, once I’d removed it from the hub. The replacement bolts cost me $4 each :astonished: . It turns out the problem had been that I had gotten some grease on the axle threads. So I cleaned them w/ rubbing alcohol and put the cranks back on @ 45 ft lbs w/ blue locktite and haven’t had any problems since.