ABC reality show, Master of Champions

Master of Champions, a reality program, is going to air on ABC. It includes a unicycle segment.

Since it starts soon, I’m guessing the contestants have already been selected.

Anyone know any more about this or who is competing.

(Or did I already miss the thread about this?)

dude thats really cool, thats going my tivo list


Sounds cool!

kris holm might win maybe if hes in it

Or any other good trials unicyclist.
Somebody has to record this!

“Pizza and unicycle” in one sentence, and my name missing?

I’ve contacted one of the executive producers by e-mail, but got no reply yet.
As the initial article that JJuggle forgot to mention here;
is talking about “world’s most unique talents”, I wonder wether they have budget to fly them in.

One other segment that this show will have is with RC helicopters.
The ‘requitment’ for that item was done trough internet-forums plus an visit to a convention.

Later in above article of was another show anounced being produced by Endemol.
It’s funny to see this Dutch company appear here. Longer ago I’ve worked many times for Endemol, both performances as unicyclist as on their payroll as editorial+production.
Once when we’ve recorded this item, Joop van den Ende himself came out to me (in person) to bring me his compliments.
Dispite he’s not very verbose on it, it is publicly known that in his younger years he tried to become a clown. He seems to be able to juggle. It wont surprise me if it turns out he’s able to ride a unicycle.

An opponent to, if (s)he’s in it.

Good luck guys hopefully ABC wont rape you too bad. Silly “reality” TV where producers think its ok to pay talent little to nothing and make bank off their efforts.

I saw previews for this show finally, and cant wait to watch the episodes, it looks like a show worth watching, plus, its gonna really show what can really be done on a unicycle, which is gonna be great for our sport. =p

Nobody makes people go on these shows. Contestants with talent also know they can “make bank” off of any appearance on national TV. That’s what attracts the serious ones. Then of course there’s the ones that just want to be on TV; they provide some “color.”

I think Dan Heaton may be in this. Go Dan!

Hey, ::light bulb goes on in my head:::wink:
At the LA roundup meet Jess Riegal left his trials uni with Rod and said that someone from a production company was going to pick it up and it was for Dan Heaton, someone mentioned that he was filming something I think.


The website says that there are 2 of them, any ideas of the other one?

word on the street is it’s zack vs dan.

wow, this will be fun

Okay, I don’t have T.V, I’ve never even heard of this show. Please someone find a way to record this, and let us less fortunate uni addicts see it.

does anyone know when it will start?


Thursday, June 22 at 8/7c

I can’t wait I haven’t seen any comercials though

Why don’t you have a tv? Is it a budget thing, or are you one of those who don’t like/watch tv at all?

It started as a budget thing, just for the summer(a year or two ago), but we found we didn’t really miss it that much. And there’s just never anything worth watching, you can’t get more than one good channel per package… and I’d rather be out kayaking or unicycling than sitting in front of the idiot box, as my mom likes to call it.

But seriously, a good unicycle skills competition would be awesome to see… oh well.

Jacquie just saw the commercial, which showed unicyclists several times for very brief moments! She couldn’t make out who they were. The unicycles may be in the season-opener, this Thurs. at 8:00 (7:00 central).