Abby's Mini Muni

What do you do when your 8 yr old that can barely fit on a 20" wheel wants to go off road.

Build a Mini Muni.

I got Sabin’s old Monty/Suzue wheelset, put on a new Luna, put it all in an old CyclePro frame with the seat tube cut down to fit the Torker seat with the short post.

Now its time to rip up some trails and trials.

Rest of the pics at .

nice. that looks a lot nicer than the one she had at the black hills muni weekend :stuck_out_tongue: Now you’ll have two daughters who are better unicyclists than me. :slight_smile:

(I’m Leif, we met at my house on friday’s ride):stuck_out_tongue:

whoa i wish i had a dad like you when i was 8…


That is just too cool:)


i wonder how long it will last though? this is what happened to my frame like that one.


Very nice work, Pops.

See you on the trail!