Abbreviations of unicycling words

Hey, I’m kinda new here and I don’t quite understand all the abbreviations of words like SIF and CF seat base and things like that post others if you can think of them.:slight_smile: Thx.

SIF is seat in front, where you ride with the seat out in front of your legs,
SI in seat in, normal riding
CF seat base is carbon fiber seat base, its a stronger piece to upgrade your saddle

KH is kris holm, one of the best unicycle manufacturers and an awesome rider himself
RSU is which is the unicycling section of the forum
JC is just conversation, the random section of the forum

I can’t think of too many other abbreviations at the moment

ect ect.

and 1ft ww= 1 foot wheel walk.

UPD = Unplanned dismount.

UDC - Unicycle Dot Com
LBS - Local Bike Shop


UCC- Unicycle-Cable-Cam :smiley:

STM = semach the monkey


YMCA - Young Men’s Christian Association
- Also an acronym for recommended arm positioning while doing Muni

Ti - titanium
Alu - Aluminium
EB - Erickson Brothers, a new brand which produces CF frames.
XC - Cross country, a kind of MUni

That could also be short for Crank Flip?

GUni: Geared unicycle

EB can also stand for Evan Byrne. He was a member here on unicyclist and made some frames and BC wheel plates.

SP = seat post

There’s also all the events. I only know of a few

CMW = California Muni Weekend
NAUCC = North American Unicycle Convention and Competition
EUC = ???European Unicycle Convention??? (not sure on that one)
MMF = Moab Muni Fest. Unfortunately there will be no more after last year.

Extreme Unicycling Championship :wink:

Flip is short for crankflip

HoW=Hop on Wheel
Sib=Seat in back

Thanks. I knew it was one of those two. Isn’t it in Europe, though?


whats a bloody hickflip?

since ive come on the forums its been hickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickfliphickflip continuosly.

haha a hick flip is a 180unispin and crankflip together .

trey- treyflip (360 unispin + crankflip)
fifth- fifthflip (540 unispin + crankflip)
sej- sejflip (720 unispin + crankflip)

There are variations on these like fakie-trey (backwards treyflip), blind-trey (spinning the unicycle the opposite way as you would normally), trey-back (treyflip with a backflip or reverse crankflip).