Abbabibble's Stress Vid.


I’ve had a long period of two weeks of things not going too well for me, so i went and got it all out in a day of unicycling, which i filmed.

In the process of the day, i went and bought some better shinguards, and some new biking shorts too.


That one wheeled bike thing looks pretty cool :slight_smile: I want to try it!

hahahaha, that was a funny movie. and thats an awesome unibike too. what did you say at the very end?

at the very end, i said something along the lines of “Hello? Yeah, uh-huh. no. yeah, no. No. Yes no yes. No. Say what? Uh-huh. Ok. yeah. Bye.” then i leaned in and said “…that was my insurance agency…”

and the unibike thing is called the SMD, for screaming metal deathtrap.
I had an extremely awesome biff on it, but my camera decided to turn off, so i didn’t get it on film. The thing is with it, you can trip over the handlebars if you fall forward on it.

Oh yeah, and it’s coming to moab, so people can try it.
tis an addicting ride.