Abbabibble's Spring Break Unicycling Video

I’ve got a brand spanking new video now!
heres you go.

so far i only have that low res version out, if anyone wants a higher res version, i’ll tak some time tonight or tomorrow to get it put up.

That was good:) You guys look familiar… I liked the 360 unispin off that ledge. Was that a random car that someone rolling hopped on to? That crankgrab trick was so flowy;) Your 180 unispins are looking good Matt, time to go for the 360:)

sweet man, I liked it a lot! you guys are goood. I like the talky parts.

I liked the invisible squirrel.


no… it wasn’t a random car. It was Ffej’s.
the squirrel wasn’t invisible… it was hard to catch on camera. It was going FAST.

nice movie, I like “the plan”

Maybe it will show up on the high res version?


That was great. Higher rez would be nice.

i’ll see if i can get the high res version up… but i may have deleted the file already… i’m not sure. I’ll see what i can do.

nice video.

makes me wish i had people to ride with.
all my freinds are hardcore mountain bikers. its hard to convince them to start uni.

one has…but he is making slow progress because he isnt very dedicated about it.