Abbabibble's Awesome Sundance Morning MUni!

Today, i woke up and said to myself, “Mat, you need to go riding today.” so i sat in bed for another ten minutes, got up, and ate breakfast. Then i got out my MUni gear, helmet, shorts, pads, etc, filled up some water and went out.
I decided to take the Sundance loop, which consists of half uphill, half downhill on a dusty old fire road that is used for a cross country ski trail in the winter. It climbs steadily up to the hut, at which point it turns around and sharply drops back down. There were plenty of little play-spots along the way, and plenty of great stuff. I put up a gallery here. have a good look-see!

Hehe. I love days like that.

Nice pics, looks like a good riding spot. Did you use the hut?

That second photo is wonderful; here it’s been thick fog all day so it’s nice to see the weather is good somewhere!

How long does the timer on your camera wait before taking a picture? Mine only does ten seconds, so it’s a real rush to press the button, make sure the camera doesn’t fall over, run to the uni, get on and then try to look photogenic. I generally get a picture of me running towards the uni, or fluffing the mount because I’m rushing… :slight_smile:


Oh man, thats me. Everything I do I have to use that stupid timer. It usually takes me several tries to get it right.

Yes. I did use the hut.
I’m thinking about taking an overnighter up a trail called Drifter, and there’s another hut like that up there. It’s a good long uphill ride, about another 7 kilometers from Sundance.
And as to my timer, i never bothered to check… I think it’s 10, which is plenty of time for me to run to the uni, scramble up the rock and get on… usually…
surprisingly, that/those shots are all perfect on the first try.

Man, that’s some gorgeous terrain. And I can almost hear those mountains in the background calling . . .


I’m thinking about possibly organizing something up here for next summer. I don’t know how big or to what extent this will go, but it would be cool. I was thinking of calling it “High Mountain Muni Weekend” or, “Tahoe Truckee Muni Weekend” or something along those lines, that is if it ever happens… That would be one of our rides… if it ever happens…

Nice, I’d love to see that place in Winter when it’s all covered in snow.