Aanymore info on the South West muni ride in June?

This is a message for sarah really, i just wondered if you had sorted out any times for the June 13th muni ride in Haldon Woods and where to meet etc?



Re: Aanymore info on the South West muni ride in June?

OK, a little more info. I’ve had a positive response from the forestry guys, but havn’t yet recieved a permit. SO be prepared for this meeting place to change , it will only change if the forestry office permit doesn’t cover where we want to center the ride.

South West Muni Meet
When- June 13th (sunday) 2pm
Where- Bullers Hill Car Park, Haldon Forest, near Exeter, England.
grid ref for OS landranger map 192 - 884847
Within a couple of miles of the exeter racecourse exit on the A38.

What- two muni rotues, one a bit more sustained and longer than the other.If your not a confident munier do the shorter one, it will do the best swoopy bits of the longer route. Both routes meet at points. Expect to be out rideing for 3 hours.
Bring some thing to drink and snack on with you, there is NO shop. Waterproofs may be a good idea to bring too. If you bring parents with you warn them and advise they wear aprpiate clothing and shoes or bring their bikes. If your under 16 please DO bring a parent or other responisble adult with you. Paul and I are leading a ride, not providing child care.

Lid and other pro- Up to you but recomended if your an adult, if your under 16 lid and gloves as a minimum please.


it sounds brilliant!

Who’s coming on the muni then?




TreeP, can you make sure the Calstock crew know about this one please?

I hope to post info on another social uni gathering in the South Wset Very soon, for the 20th June, not muni but a get together to ride.


Yeah probli unsure due to exams(3 sci exam on mon) but i will say i will go but no trials on sat ok phil? I have never munoed(my new word for muni btw) with anyone apart from sarah,paul or phil before so lets do the muno!
BEN the muno-cyclist!

Its now officical, this muni ride on June 13th is part of National bike week and is now going to listed on thier event listings web-site.
One more nail on the way to geting unicycling accepted as just another part of cycle sports in the UK.

Also plans are well in hand for a social uni ride on June 20th in Exeter on the riverside cycle path. Which goes right past the new skate park and ends up at a fine icecream sellers.
Web page for info coming soon. This will also be a bike week event.