Fu#& I just got my new cranks in like a week ago I bought them cus the old 1s striped so this mooring I got up and I was getting reedy to tack my uni to school so I get on it and start to ride and then I notest that my foot started to move and I sad there its stripping so I take it off and sour enough its stripping it wouldn’t be that big of a problem if I could go to my lbs and get a pare fore 12 bucks (there cotterless) but nooo no bike shop around sells them so I have to get them from uni .com heres what I got is it that there not fore trial riding or or am i using the roung pettles what ??? thx tim

AAAAAAAAA! it sounds like you didn’t tighten your hub enough, so your cranks started moving and slowly but surely you stripeed them, or the hub, or both. and no, those are not for trials riding. no square taper hubs or cranks are for trials riding. splined is what you need for trials.

mm ya thx man but i should have sad that they striped where u poot the pettles in

You probably have the pedals on the wrong cranks.

Not possible. the peadles have reverse thread on the left side and normal on the right side. It would be impossible to screw a left pedal into a right crank.

Unless he cross threaded the pedals smart one.

He’d have to be real stupid to do that!

Theres countless people who have done it, even people at bike shops put them on wrong.

the wheelset is on backwards.
its not that crazy or stupid.
get some epoxy, plastic epoxy works well, or just whatever stuff you can find that has an insanely high strength rating

i epoxied my little brother’s pedal in his uni
it stayed
its awwwesome!

but anyways, you can tap out a set screw, epoxy, jb weld, whatever you come up w/ to fix it, keep in mind that a set screw will weaken it A LOT
but yeah
don’t be stupid, the left crank stays on the left side, and the right on the right side, its like that for a reason.
i think thats all i have to say.

loctite works wonders :slight_smile:

you could put 2 left/2 right cranks on and mismatch pedals(THAT IS HOW YOU SPELL IT) then JB weld or loctite them in.

ya thatx fore all the help gies I went down and took the crank off and it was starting to strip so I hit it on with a hammer and tightened the bolt on as tight as I could it seems to be better I just thought it could have been the pettle cuss ive striped 1 before