AA Members

Has anyone else seen the AA magazine with Joe Marshall talking about comuting?
Very well done Joe, front cover and everything!

Re: AA Members

ooooooh, I haven’t got a copy of the actual article yet, I know some people who’ll have it though, so hopefully I’ll see it tonight.


I didn’t know that Alcoholics Anonymous had their own magazine. And why are they talking about unicycles?

lol, I asume your joking but if not AA = Automabile Asociation not alcoholics anonymous.

Here in the States, the Automobile Association is AAA (American Automobile Association, which is referred to as ‘Triple A’). I just wanted to point out the discrepancy in culture. Americans are better. :smiley:
Actually, it just goes to show that Americans give a higher priority to dunks than they do to drivers. :roll_eyes:

I’m not going to change the topic of the thread however, the British are far better people than americans! thats the end of it!

I stole an AA magazine from the seat pocket on an airline flight once…

I hope it wasn’t the pilot who had to go to the meetings. :astonished:

Most things in airline pockets are free for you to take. Unless you were on some dodgy airline?

Who cares?! Canada is better than both of us!! Hell, forecasts show their military may not even be existent by 2013! I’m sooo moving there when I get out of college (just 8 more years, just 8 more years…).

No military in Canada? Great! Then we can annex them peacefully! And make them all ride unicycles to work.(staying on topic):smiley:

lol, I also would like to move to canada
let all the unicyclists move to canada!

Together we shall overun Canada and claim it the land for unicyclists. With Kris Holm as our dictator we shall all live and breathe by the way of the unicycle… as one!

Didn’t the Canadians burn the white house?

Talking of who is best… Flanders and Swann, the late masters of light entertainment, did a wonderful song that can be found here:



one of South Africa’s main tourist attractions is the Cape Wine Route.
(it does split into a variety of smaller routes, but it’s known as that) where u can drive from vineyard to vineyard and sample the best of cape winemaking
because only in South Africa do we think it’s a good idea to turn drinking-and-driving into a tourist attraction*

*(with apologies to the south african comedian who’s ‘bit’ i’ve paraphrased here, i can’t recall the name)