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Last weekend I had my picture taken up in London for a short article which is going to be in the AA(*) customer magazine, about me commuting on my unicycle. To fit with the commuting thing I was dressed up like a proper City commuter in a suit and hat and stuff.

I dunno exactly what the article’s going to be like, but it was quite a laugh taking the pictures. I’ve never had to repeatedly stillstand quite so many times.

I’ve got a couple of the pictures and put them on the web

Hopefully it’ll be some publicity for unicycling anyway, this magazine
goes out to about 3 million people so I’m told.


(*) That’s the Automobile Association not Alcoholics Anonymous

I wish it’ll not be something like “Don’t be an idiot. Buy a car.”- sort of thing. Well probably not.

I like the photos. You are really styling.


Re: AA Magazine photos

At last an AA magazine that I can look forward to receiving. Do you
really commute to work - how far each way ?

After looking at the picture, I was tempted to report it for offensive
content due to the outfit :wink:

Nice one, I have a 20" learner that I am knackered on after several
minutes, due probably to my beginners technique (weight on seat etc.),
so I could not even consider commuting just yet !

Tony - Nottingham UK

Re: AA Magazine photos

joona wrote:
> I wish it’ll not be something like “Don’t be an idiot. Buy a car.”- sort
> of thing. Well probably not.

The guy setting this up had seen somebody commuting on a unicycle and
wanted to do an article about unicycling as a practical form of
transport. Assuming he sticks with that, it sounds like exactly the kind
of publicity we want.

Nice one, Joe.


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Re: Re: AA Magazine photos

That’s nice to hear. The pictures are nice. Maybe I’ll try wearing something like that some day and see what’ll people think. MUniing in a suit with a Samsonite in one hand?


The photos are great!

Well done!



Keep at it. I am commuting on my 20" learner now and I was right where you are back in June.


Re: Re: AA Magazine photos

About 8 or 9 miles at the moment, across London from Balham to Chiswick.

Riding a decent sized wheel (29") with short cranks helps, as does having a comfy saddle.

The guy writing the article rides to work on a bike, so it might not be too bad. Anyway, any publicity is good publicity, if nothing else it shows people that it is possible to commute on a unicycle.

You get more comments if you’re wearing a suit and a hat and stuff, but it’s too hot and not very comfy, I wouldn’t recommend it generally.


Joe, I’ve never seen anything like it!

Why would ANYONE wear a suit, that’s insane; how much does it cost; where do you get them; is it hard to wear; where’s the other jacket; do you perform in the city; ?


i sometimes ride with an umbrella. of course, it’s green and white, and i’m wearing enourmous pajama pants and really big hair, so the effect is probably different. more of a clown thing. the teacher assistants in my chemistry lab have refered to me as ‘circus boy’ once that i know of

commuting travail

I used to unicycle to work (before …) and carried my suit in a backpack.
when arriving at the office I was so covered with sweat that I had to wash
myself all over … since there is no shower at my office I was obliged
to come earlier so that I would not meet anybody while at the “gents…”

anguish … a year earlier while commuting with a b*ke, and washing myself
the C.E.O himself came in! :smiley: what was this bloke doing here so early
in the morning?
showers should be mandatory in offices!


Re: commuting travail

If we were more alternative transportation friendly, things like cycling to work would be encouraged and facititated. But, we’re a world that laments about pollution while driving bigger and bigger cars (I’m specifically talking about the U.S. here, but I think it probably applies to many other places as well).
There’s a place for motorized vehicles; there’s even a place for rough-terrain vehicles. But you don’t need a Hummer to drive 3 miles to work!
I just have to rant sometimes, especially when I see that Mercedes has an SUV now. Who’s going to take a Mercedes off-road?

Re: AA Magazine photos

On Thu, 6 Nov 2003 12:55:48 -0600, paco
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>wobbling bear wrote:
>> showers should be mandatory in offices!
Luckily, our premises have excellent bike storage and showering
facilities. However, I have never commuted on a unicycle yet. It’s
about 10 miles.

>I just have to rant sometimes, especially when I see that Mercedes has
>an SUV now. Who’s going to take a Mercedes off-road?
Yes I also saw the new SUV today (in a newspaper). But Mercedes have
been building off-road vehicles for many decades (Unimog, Gelande,
ML-series). That doesn’t answer your question but it takes away the
rethorical aspect of it.

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