A year with Cokey

Here are some highs and lows in the approximately one year I’ve had my

Lows (and almost lows):

  • some scary UPDs, one at 15mph, another where I landed on and broke the
    screen on my PDA (tho it saved my lower back)
  • the pepper spray incident
  • nearly smashed into those idiots with the Xmas tree
  • recently landed on the bike of some moron delivering pizza and got a
    nice gash on my shin
  • scary moments where I nearly got hit by cars
  • almost got a summons for riding thru a red light in front of the police


  • pulled over by a cop car by a cop who wanted info and later joined our
  • Rode for miles alongside my brother, various bike paths. Those are
    always special moments.
  • Bike NY – over 50 miles that day, followed by a few hours of hanging
    out with my club members (and more riding, but not much more)
  • Unithon III – rode 28+ miles that day and met some really nice people
  • Century Ride – completed 80 miles in about 8 hours (incuding breaks).
  • Won the (Coker) Marathon ride at the convention
  • Got into much better cardiovascular shape as a result of riding over 200
    miles a month (sometimes 400 miles a month). I have ridden over 2,000 so
  • Riding to work (now 26 miles a day) is SO MUCH nicer than having to take
    the train, and takes about as long (the 13 miles home take just over an
    hour). Also saves money – for more unicycles!
  • I have met lots of nice bikers and even a few unicyclists, some of whom
    have joined the club

I think that riding with my brother and meeting Tom really clinched it:
It’s been a great year. And thanks to everyone in the usenet group and in
my club for all the support.

David Stone
Co-founder, Unatics of NY

little under a month with Cokey

here are some highs and lows of thee approximent month I’ve had my Coker

Lows(and almost lows):
*do not feel safe up-there
*the fraze "hey man thats a really big wheel"every time i walk out the door.
*taking more risks(because if you slow down the coker just aint a coker if your not going fast.
*options,there are few options other than just it being FAST *
*resale,lets face it uni’s are nitch,big wheel uni’s are even more so.
*the rim is a noodle
*more wind resistance(being higher-up,its just you and me Klass)

*great price
*makes uni touring a more comfortable reality.
*balance,you can drink way more beer and ride this home(only if you can still find the sobrity to mount the beast)
*intimedation facture,i get way more “cool mans” than "are you in the circus’s)being that high over peoples heads.
*the tire seems to take way more pressure than 32p.s.i.(thank god)
*safety,makes me ware my helmet more
*mounting,because of the coker i can nail a rolling mount anytime any unicycle.(no giraffe jokes please)
*did i mention speed?
*the way they ovalized the fork blades(i wish my muni forks looked that good)


Don’t forget to include the smooth ride due to the large diameter wheel and big tire (as a plus).

-Greg (well seated in Seattle) Harper