A woody for surfing unicyclists

Splines? Geared hubs? Carbon firbre frames?

All you need is a decent saw and chisel, and you too can make a unicycle!

Check this out…

wow… that seat is BAD and painful looking. I wouldn’t ride that… I would die.

i would never ride it and I would buy it just so i could say “I have a wooden unicycle”

Id get splinters…

Safe for up to 60kg…

60 kilogram = 132.2773573 pound

SO unless you weigh under 130lbs and dont plan on ever hopping,or applying much force on the seat, NOT for everyone. I’d only want tosee someone less than 100lbs ride it.

I wanna see some 200+ pounder ride that.

It would be great on dates.

You could ask your date, “Wanna see my woody?”

The seat does look painful, but wood is actually not a bad frame material for cycles. It’s fairly lightweight for its strength, and has good ductility. The first time I did the Kinetic Sculpture race was on my buddy’s sculpture, which is constructed almost entirely out of 2x4s and 4x4s. Overall, it’s in the same class, weight-wise, as most of the other two-person sculptures, except that it uses molded binary foam for flotation instead of inflatables like most of the other big sculptures, so the pontoons are really heavy.

The two problems wood has as a frame material are that it tends to warp over time, and it is brittle.

Somebody with better memory than me should please post a link to a picture of the wooden muni frame made by Joe_Stoltzfus.

Or I could just figure it out myself. Here is the info, courtesy of John_Childs. It is photo #72 in the 2000 Muni Weekend album.

From a past JC post:
Joe Stoltzfus made a wooden frame for a muni. He’s a carpenter so working with wood is what he does. Joe brought his wooden muni to the 2000 muni weekend in Lake Tahoe. John Foss has a picture of it in his 2000 muni weekend Ofoto album.
It’s the picture of the brown uni in the rainbow colored bike rack.

Here is an old thread discussing wooden unis:http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=27422&highlight=wooden

I like that, and wouldn’t mind owning it for decoration only. I considered bidding on it, but maybe I’ll wait and get a better deal when Jagur sells it.

Re: A woody for surfing unicyclists

On Mon, 18 Apr 2005 19:53:14 -0500, “munipsycho” wrote:

>It would be great on dates.
>You could ask your date, “Wanna see my woody?”

“I can adjust its length to your taste, up to 840 mm.” :slight_smile:

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