A whole lotta Questions! (so i dont make up 5 threads of 5 diffrent questions)

How can the end of a seatpost scratch itself?

And ‘‘aesthetically bad’’ … you can’t even see the bottom of the seatpost :astonished: !

I just cut off the end with a hacksaw… its too easy and requires no tutorial what so ever. Its so easy and simply, that when you do it, outsiders will look at you wondering if you know what your doing or not. (it looks a tad reckless)

Plenty of room for when you grow? You should have broken it by then :stuck_out_tongue:

That kind of goes with the weight weenie thing. If you’re a weight weenie you already know it, and would rather sacrifice practicality, flexibility and possibly safety to shaving grams.

The aesthetic weenie cares what the non-visible parts of the machine look like Combine the two weenies and you get someone who needs to straighten out the cut to shave a few more grams… :slight_smile:

They make bicycle frames in different sizes. Someday, one of the unicycle manufacturers is going to get the idea to make frames in 5mm increments with no adjustment. That’d be lighter, neater, and more income-producing for them.

I’d be hard-pressed to buy one. What if you want to change crank arm length? Not to mention letting someone else ride it or, for those of you that haven’t stopped growing, that happening?

But for highly specialized use, like track racing if you’re really into it, I can see minimizing everything to a non-adjustable, lightweight machine.

it’s interesting to observe how two identical threads have gone in two seperate directions!

im cutting it with a hacksaw now…
ill cut 5 cm out of the 35 cm at a time till its rite =]
the kh arriving on monday now because we were 5 mins late to pick up the package…