A whole lotta Questions! (so i dont make up 5 threads of 5 diffrent questions)

whats thew length of the seatpost on this KH20 Trials? (I’m 13 and I think the seat post will be too long) how far can the seat post be inserted into the unicycle insert thing?

when do you use 1 hand and when do yu use 2 hands for side hops?

I bought a KH and all i sent them were the CHEQUE, ORDER NUM, and my ADDRESS. will anything go wrong? what happens if it does? (i sent teh chequelast thursday and the Mal from UDCA said the kh should be here by this friday (2days of shipping it here) so therefore they shouldve recieved the cheque today(in my invoice/acc it sais “waiting fo payment” (its wednes day today and its evening)

how does the double wheel extension connect onto a unicycle? do you need a certain uni?



can you buy any decent trials uni on ebay? my frend is wondering (im finally going to have someone (my frend) who will do trials and street uniing!

  1. The seatpost will probably be too long for you, but you can cut the post with a pipe cutter or hack saw or bring it to a bike shop and they can do it for you (usually free of charge). Cut off a little bit first and mess around with how much you need to cut off (it is better to cut two or three times than to over cut the post).

  2. Most people always use 1 hand for side hops. You can do it SI or SIF, (seat in or seat in front). Most start doing seat in and it might be a little easier at first, when you get seat in hops down, start trying seat in front.

seat in…you hold the front of your saddle (the KH handle)
seat in front…you hold the side of the saddle and have the seat out in front of you.

  1. You should be fine.

  2. The wheel extension kits sold on unicycle dot com fit 40mm bearing housings, so it will not work on your KH.

  3. Those are all unicycle brands or frame builders.

For the acronyms - http://www.unicyclist.org/cont/acronym.cfm

  1. Sometimes yes you can, depending on the brand and the quality. Ebay is sometimes not reliable though. For the most part you can get pretty good deals though.

not sure about the rest of those.

Twin Cities Unicycle Club

WOW can also be World Of Warcraft.

WOW unicycle-wise stands for Wood one wheelers (a unicycle club that is in ohio, im pretty sure)

Ebay is a good place to buy new Torkers. Otherwise, the offerings are not that plentiful for unicycles. There are a few used ones, but you could wait a long time looking for anything special, and they don’t go too cheap even then.

thanks ppl

and could you connect a doublewheel extension to another duble wheel extension so its a 3 wheeler? i dont think you could cos it may not have bearings…

Provided you have another wheelset and everything has compatable bearings/bearing surfaces, you could hook up at least three wheels (too many and it can get unstable)

DM - Made high end Muni’s back when they were all hand made. KH rode one for a while. No longer in business.

Hunter - make b*ke and uni frames. I’ve only seen 24, 26" Munis and 36ers. They are still in business, all frames are steel and hand made to order.

Miyata - Japanese uni manufacturer. Mostly make freestyle unis.

Pashley - Made Munis back before splined hubs were available. DH rode some north shore w/ KH on one in Universe 1.

Schwinn - B*ke company, at one time they made high quality equipment, now it all sucks. They made some decent unis from '70-90’s. DH did all his street riding on one in U1.

Telford - Guy in California who made a couple of small batches of Muni frames. I don’t believe he makes them anymore.

Zephr - ?

Provided you have another wheelset and everything has compatable bearings/bearing surfaces, you could hook up at least three wheels (too many and it can get unstable)QUOTE]

arrr wtf, I mean does the duble extent kit come with the right wheel set so 2 of them connect…

Current uni on Ebay:

This is pretty typical- one or two “serious” unicycles at a time, at fairly high prices.