A weekend of Muni at Coed-y-Brenin Uk Wales (report)

Last weekend 2 Muni’s 8 Mountain Bikes and 8 riders made the journey from the North-West of the UK to Coed-y-Brenin forest in Wales.


Our base for the weekend was a log cabin some 2 miles from the forest.

Saturday morning and inevitably it had started to rain. As only two of the group ride Muni’s (or Uni’s for that matter) we decided that we would all ride the redbull trail in the morning then join the others on our bikes on the sport trail in the afternoon.


This proved to be a very good decision for us as riding a bike after riding a Uni is a lot easier than the other way round. Padded up and ready to go we left the car park and hit the trail which started with a steep climb, nothing like a gradual start to get the heart pumping! We stopped after 5 mins to remove our waterproof jackets as although it was still raining we were both cooking. Here the rest of our group left us with shouts of ‘good luck’ as they headed off on their bike’s.

The redbull trial is one of the best trails I’ve ever been on to date. It had a mixture of tough up hills, fast sweeping single track downhill’s, rocks, drops, roots, streams all in glorious soundings. I have never ridden anything this tough before and was pleased with my fitness levels and especially the rocky sections and drop-offs that I wouldn’t have been able to do 6 months ago. Some of the steeper hills were just too much for us however and we had to walk a bit.

Only two major UPD incidents were experienced on the whole ride shared equally between the two riders. The first was Craig who after exclaiming to a group of waiting mountain bike riders that it was good that someone had finally seen us riding (previously when ever we heard bikes we would dismount to allow them to pass on the single-track safely) proceeded to do a flying dismount followed by a forward roll after catching a rock with his pedal :smiley: The second was myself who shortly after attempting a slippery rooted downhill section, lost my foot on the pedal and fly into a tree head first! I’ve never hit my head before (especially on the very top crown) while on the Muni and it dazed be for a few minutes.

The positive response we got from the bikers there was very welcome. I would like to think we spread the word about Muni around that day as everyone who stopped us to chat seemed genuinely interested. Loads thought we were mad but appreciated the effort we were putting in. Highlight of the day is when I tracked, caught, and over took 2 bikers on a long uphill :slight_smile: We even got a cheer as we returned to café after finishing the ride.

Sunday was another ride on the mountain bikes, this time on the MBR trail. I’ll leave the descriptions of this and the sport trail to an appropriate forum :wink: , surface to say all are doable on a Muni with the sport being the easier of the two.

With the rain I decided against taking my camera out with me so sadly only got a few shots before we stared our ride on the Saturday. Sunday the rain held off so the camera got more use (bikes only I’m afraid though).

It’s alright isn’t it. I found it a bit intimidating the first time as I’d never ridden very rocky trails before, but it was great.

Loads of us went there a couple of years back. We rode the MBR and Red Bull on the first day and then went up Snowdon on the munis for the second day.



I’d read the thread from the BMW that went there a few years ago and was really looking forward to it. It looks like they have been adding to the trails all the time in the last few years so it might be worth another visit :slight_smile:

Great photos by the way, pity i never got any of the Uni ride but there’s always another time.

i think Paul and I may have been the first muniers to do red bull at CyB way back in erm, can’t actully remember now. Hang on, quick serch of picture achive , erm before we wore Wrist guards or camel backs , so maybe 2001? Did the karimor trail too and got VERY wet when the heavens opened.
Nice riding there isn’t it.