A week of riding

It has been a fairly miserable winter, and work has been difficult, and riding has been at a minimum - less than once a week since Christmas. The clocks went forward last weekend, and the unicycling has taken off again.

Sunday: a couple of hours spent poddling around Sherwood Forest with Gadge and his girlfriend, Nov (on one of those complicated two wheelers). I was on the KH24 with 165mm cranks, and with the change of pace caused by being part of a group instead of alone, I took the opportunity to try some challenging stuff I would normally have passed by. A lovely day out.

Monday: inspired by the 700c thread, I got the Bacon Slicer out. That’s my custom uni with a Mavic Open Pro rim, 23mm high pressure slick and (at present) 125mm cranks. Of course I usually ride it cross country… This is hard work physically and mentally, requiring a high degree of focus. I have one nasty fall and skin my knee, but arrive back at the car smiling and tired.

Wednesday, Gadge gives me a ring and we end up circling the National Water Sorts Centre. I’m on the Holy Roller, with a fairly fat 26" tyre and 125s. I can make the change from KH24 to Bacons Slicer easily as they are totally different. The transition to Holy Roller is more problematic as it combines the best or worst features of both: spongy feedback from a soft tyre, and less forgiving cranks. I UPD more often than Gadge, but we have a great time and agree we’re luck to have all this on our doorsteps.

Thursday: on the way into work on the BMW F800S motorbike, I am overtaken (in heavy traffic) by someone on a fixed wheel bicycle doing warp speed. I catch him at the lights (a cyclist who stops at the lights, whatever next?) and we chat for a few seconds. Thus inspired, when I get home I turn the back wheel round on my single speed road bike and do a few miles on fixed, half of it cross country near to the river.

Friday: back on the Bacon Slicer, for some very demanding riding on rough hard-baked tracks, outwitting the trail instead of bludgeoning it into submission as I ride along the river bank and lap the lagoons. Exhausting, but what fantastic fun! The trail wins a few times, of course, but there are no face plants today.

Saturday: see the pictorial write up thread. Swooping though the forest like a happy monkey, then slogging up climbs with the wheel spinning on loose gravel. My “best ever” descent, and some new trails discovered, all on the KH24.

That’s 3 different unis, and the fixie.

I am now down to the weight I got up to a few years ago… :o