A Week In Croatia

Here is my new video with my very good friend Horváth Kristof. We went on a boat in Coratia for a littlle over a week and stopped at many towns and cities and some nice natural places too. No skinnes but nextr vid there will be some I promise. XD

check your link dude :slight_smile:

I hope its okay to post it,

I feel free to share the link :smiley: hope its the right one :stuck_out_tongue:


nice trial video i like it and love the clif jumping, nice video :wink:

Cool video, I liked where you dropped from that wall into the porch thingy. :slight_smile: Did you know the people that lived there?

nope we didnt know them and thanks Andy93 for helping fix that but there was a porblem with that video cause there wa a dead space but I fix that with a new clip and here it is:


here is vimeo: http://vimeo.com/13905111

Nice video aidan, I miss riding with you!

we will ride soon enough :sunglasses: