A VIDEO to aspire to

All around great film. Check it:


(it played in media player classic for me. Probably works in most DVD programs)


Not mutch action, but he is prety good.
Nicely filmed.

Peter M

no vid

you guys never dealed with tv.isg.si?

the link above opens a site where the downloadlink to the video is… you cant link directly to the video from tv.isg.si

and .vob can be played with the VLC Player, too

Just a note. It’s a bike trials video.

But nicely filmed and a high quality presentation. A keeper for my bike trials video collection.

I just got sent this - it’s a fantastic video despite being of that boring thing that inline skaters do in the park with the cups. I’ve never seen a unicycle vid filmed quite so well.



right on, Joe. Killer editting!

yeah, they’re pretty cool- very well done, good production. not all of us have 3 photographers, multiple cameras and good video equipment, but you’re right, videos should aspire to that sort of production quality.

… like for commercially released dvds maybe.