A video of me and a friend!

This is video me and a friend made (1 month ago:P) here it is: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4693556669593608474

yeah good job!
nice crankflip!
how old are you?

that like i said 1- 2 month ago, i do really clean crank flip and just learned 360:D but i wil make a movie soon. But my we are 12 year old. where not so good:(

good for a 12 year old.:smiley:
by the way. what kind of frame is that? the chrome one. its an interesting crown design.


The koxx-one? or the other one? it`s a monty it sucks!! im gonna buy a new one before next year, i got a camera for x-mas so im gonn use that! :slight_smile: