A video...LOL!!1

Hey guys.

I went riding with Luke on christmas eve and we filmed a bunch of stuff. This is my first attempt at making a video. It took about 7 hours to put together because I had to convert all the files. I was up until about 3 this morning.

Hope you enjoy.


DL link http://www.unicyclist.com/index.php?g2_itemId=299651&g2_view=core.DownloadItem&page=gallery



I loved the still standing and the bails from keven :stuck_out_tongue:

Luke… I nearly came when you trey flipped b/w those two seats! :stuck_out_tongue: upping the ledge to sideways ww was very impressive!

Ahahaha… awesome stuff guys… and keven.

Some mighty fine coasting Ed ^.^


PS. Nahh… I love you brownboy :stuck_out_tongue:

This might be a stupid question but, How do you make a download link??

Cool video too

awesome video.



sweet vid!!!

Nice video!

I see you landed that drop off the jetty by the river a lot better than I did when I was down there. :astonished:

Yeah, there was some crowd aswell. When I landed it they all started clapping and stuff. On the one where i fell I could hear some lady gasping from that ledge, it was pretty funny.

I think I cracked my seatbase on one of those drops, on the way home I went down a 3 set and the seat snapped.

Thanks for the comments guys. This movie would be so much better with all the footage.

Kevin, whats with the weird editing on the 2set jump to stand-up, it makes it look like i didnt really do it.

Yeah, my bad. I was trying to buy a few seconds by putting the stand up ww in slow-mo (or something, I was tired), so I had to cut that from the hopping up, but then I was trying to fade to or from something and the fading went there instead, and I didn’t really know how to get rid of it. So I didn’t.

But just so people know, Luke did hop up that 2set to stand up ww

Haha, ok. You pretty much chose the worst possible place to cut time off :stuck_out_tongue:

haha nice great vid!
that was a well long balance on that rail.

it is a shame about the editing on the ww 2set n stuff…but all the rest good.


sweet vid.

keven - dude you are gettin damn good at trials. awesome bails too.

luke - man i am loving your riding. all the stuff we shot on my camera is getting seriously outdated.

are you peeps up for a ride this week some time?


“Does the Pope shit in the woods?”…not sure where I heard that.

But yes, I am indeed up for a ride.

Keven, you are too friggin’ good at stillstands. Stop that.

Thanks. The only rails i have near my house are about 2m long, so I usually just end up working on my still stands on them.