A Video For My PSI Question

Hey guys, I just made a video, in it, you see me doing a number of drops, first the drop then where it was the “most flat” :thinking:
IT’s at 22 psi, and I was wondering if you think it bottomed out Link

I think a link would help.

ya put a real link

ya put a real link

ya put a real link

k I got it I think your fine but try to be smoother and keap practicing

Edit: I found the link

Don’t worry about PSI, cause if you break a rim, your dad will buy you a new one! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just jump a little farther away, so you can get a more solid roll out.

uhh you have enough…didn’t even look like you hit the rim

so I can keep it at 22psi?

I would think so…I’ve run w/ about that and I’m 6 ft. w/out doing anything to my dx or nimbus rim. You should be fine

in your riding including big drops, is it common to hit the rim?

also, maxigause, when you said I’m fine, did you mean it didn’t look like it touched the rim?

Well I already stated that. W/ the stuff your doing you won’t hurt your rim at all.

You will know about it if you bottom out.

Yeah, a huge thud. I bottomed out my dx daily for a while. Rim is fine though. Good uni.

I think you are over thinking this too much.

Just ride, and ride what feels good.

They way I see it, as long as your not pinching your tube, your fine.

That’s a gnarly trampolien! I’ve never seen one built into the ground.