A very sad looking uni.

If anyone saw my thread before about fixing the bent wheel, well, I was riding it again today to see if it was even worth trying to fix. I did a <1inch hop to see if it would hold and it just collapsed underneath me.


Have you tried riding it?:smiley:

Anyhoo, that sucks. I presume you’re looking around for a new uni now?

Haha. If the wheel wasn’t bent so much that it hit the forks, I would have tried to ride it.

Yeah, I need a new unicycle now. I’m torn over size now really. I’ve been enjoying some light trails but would love the speed and MUni fun of a 29. Another 24 would of course be the compromise. But I don’t know.

Very sad indeed. I think you should use that photo for an avatar!


that is a beautiful picture of a well used unicycle wheel, even if donated to a 1" hop.
anywas, check amazon for a replacement when looking for new unicycles/wheelsets

just tell us what you’re thinkin and we will help you out.

ah I bent a rim of my own just two days ago. when I pedal, the tire rubs the left fork, but its still rideable. its not near as impressive as that one though

Were you riding here?:

Haha! thats exactly what I thought of when I saw that!!

same here, My final piece for one of my art topics was based on that :smiley:

That pic would make a cool avatar, not such a good uni though sadly.


Yummy tacos!!

at least you have an ultimate wheel now.:slight_smile:

I think that is one of the better unicycle pictures ive ever seen posted.

If I was you, id use the actual wheel as the base of some sweet abstract art. Start melting the frame, bend it, twist it, zig zag the post around, and make the seat melt and droop around. Maybe have a crazy bendy metal guy looking thing on it, put it on a chunk of concrete for its base, and ta-dah!

You have an art piece that could easily sell for high hundreds or into the thousands.

Haha, thanks Jerrick. That’s a good idea, it doesn’t have much other use and it could pay for the next one… :slight_smile:

Haha, if only it worked like one! Maybe if I actually learn how to ride an ultimate wheel, I can come back to this one for a bit more of a challenge. :slight_smile:

I was telling a friend about what happened and described it as being taco’d and he had no idea that was a real phrase. It was pretty funny.

I too did an art piece on that awhile ago. And no, I’ve had more functional unicycles.


I might recommend not doing any drops or hopping around…

I think it’s about time I just ordered a new one altogether. It’s not the first part that has broken on this uni.

Good idea, Kurt!

You could get your LBS to hammer it streight w/ a rubber mallet, then make it streighter when you screw it into the plywood.