A very Productive Day For Me

I’ll begin where i was riding my uni behind my school…

Anyways, im just riding around in the basketball court, just going one-footed with my left foot, then switch to my right foot, then take the left foot off again, and as i was doing this, i noticed that there were a bunch of rocks that surrounded the outside of the court.

So there i am thinking to myself “i wish i was good enough to jump from one rock to another…” and then i saw it. Out of all the rocks, one was only a foot high, with a flat top, perfect for me to go hop onto :sunglasses:

I ride up, grab my seat, do a few little hops just to get myself situated, leaned towards the rock a little, compress my tire and bam! i land one the rock but have the unicycle shoot out and i twist my ankle :frowning:

After a few mins of easy riding i attempt it agian, then after a few more tries, i finally got up there, hopped off doing a 180, and rode out of it, which is good for i am just starting to get into trials and street stuff.

But that wasn’t all, a few hours later into the day, me and mike were at rosaurs to buy some chips. We get them and are about to leave but i see one of those things that you put your cig. butts in. so i ride up to it, standstill for a while, and bam!!! did my first crankgrab :smiley:

I ended up doing 2 more after the first one, and mike was trying them but couldnt get his crank hig enough, so hell get them some other day, but for me i think i did a good job today =p

yea i no that sucked!!

but hey at school i did a pedal grab=) so yea…

ill believe it once i see it lol

i almost had on down at rosaurs… lol i got up there just got off balance on that one