A Very Merry (And Early) EB Christmas

Today has been one of the most amazing days of my life. What has been for me a very stressful week with mid terms has just become something amazing. Today after class I made my way back to my dorm and checked my mail. I found a notice from the university that I had received and oversized package to be picked up. Excited I ran over to the university mail center and picked up my box, it was massive! After lugging it back to my room I inspected it closer, who could it be from?

Why, it has been sent by none other than our friend Evan Byrne. I had not bought anything from Evan nor paid any sort of shipping costs - this was a gift! Delighted I began opening the box to find it was stuffed to the brim with foam packing peanuts. On the very top I find a bag titled “Bag 'O Bags” which seems to contain some neat things:

Upon opening the bag I find it contains a few smaller bags containing numerous goods:

This bag was labeled Bag 'O Goodies, I seemed to have cut from the wrong image - It contained a DNA seatpost clamp, a QR clamp, A device to steal air pressure from other tires, spoke wrenches and a small tube patching kit.

“Wow, This is some really cool stuff” I thought to myself. It was awesome of Evan to send me this. I continued rummaging through the packing peanuts and came upon these pedals - nice:

After finding the pedals I come to another bag full of awesome things:

Amazing! A SW deathgrip handle, a green fushion street cover, the new extra-thick nimbus seatpost, a steel seatpost, a brand new KH handle and bumper, and finally a spare seat stiffener plate.

Whats this? A trashbag? Why would Evan send me a trashbag?

He wouldnt! OH MY GOD! A KH style CF base!!

Sweet - fushion freeride and street foams:

Cool, a Nimbus X 26" frame - what could I use this for?

Is that a duro tire in the box?


Oh wow, this is incredible. Here is the whole lot:

he just sent you that stuff out of the blue!?

thats great!!!

Evan you are an amazingly generous person!!!

(if you dont feel like you need 2 CF bases feel free to PM me :))

lucky… that’s pretty nice of evan to give you all that stuff for free. and to think I was excited about getting my nimbus trials. way to be a killjoy :wink:

edit: or are you evan’s first sponsered rider for EB unicycles?

WOW that is really sweet. and very nice of evan.


That’s probably somewhere around $700 worth of stuff, not including what it must have cost to ship from CA.

How did he know your address?

I had purchased a kh trials rim from him during the summer. About being sponsored by EB unicycles, yeah we’ve joked around about that a bit haha. I’m still in shock by how awesome all of this stuff is and by the fact that someone is kind enough to just give it away.

So lucky :frowning:

I wanna see the unicycle once its all put together :smiley:

LUCKY, those are some sweet hook-ups.

that wheel looks brandy spankin new… was it EVER used?

evan’s lurking but not replying…

sooooo lucky!

Eyes, nose, yore, sea, quits.

What in the world?

Thats pertneer the same setup I was thinking of getting to replace my current 26, well the wheel and frame part anyway. Hows the clearance with the marge?

edit: good on ya Evan for the amazing show of good will and generosity!

Its not quite as out of the blue as brian described, I had posted it for sale and shortly there after decided to give it to brian. He knew it was coming but not quite all that was in the box. Since I was quiting unicycling i figured I don’t need the money for another uni so why not give it to someone who will ride it into the ground.

Have fun Brian.

just noticed that in your avatar you are holding the saddle with your right hand, if you don’t want that left handed death grip I’d be willing to give it a good home.

Eh, I ride left hand on the handle, and write with my right hand…

who said anything about his writing hand? most people who ride left hand on the saddle are right handed, but that’s not the point. look at brian’s avatar, he’s in the air holding his saddle with his right hand.

I didn’t notice that, but I spin clockwise… so again, if I could Unispin, it would be that way.

Man I’m jealous of Brian, I’ve wanted a LM since I first laid eyes on it.

Holy crap that’s quite a pile of loot you got there…

Incredibly nice of you Evan.

That is sooooo sweet!!

I’m jelous.

I read it like this at first.
I must have a dirty mind:p

Evan - have you tried phys therapy and a shoulder brace. I’ve heard of new exercises and suplements that can strengthen the muscles and ligaments that hold everything in place.

If you don’t like the prognosis, ask another docor, and another until you find one who knows how to combat the dislocations.