a very budget trials uni?

what do people think about this for a budget trials uni:

nimbus frame (20inch) - £20
suzue hub (48 spoke) - £40
Alex MX22 rim (48h) - £10
Spokes, 72 spokes (and nipples) are - £10
bicycle euro cranks (125) - £10
Seatpost - £5
seat - £0, borrowed from a friend
tyre - Maxxis max daddy, 2.25 - £9 inc tube

build up the wheel myself, comes out at : £104

seems very cheap for a good trials uni, it hasnt got the 2.5 tyre, but 2.25 is pretty close, and plenty bouncy enough. My friend has that rim on his bmx, and it is very tough.

You guys get those Maxxis Max Daddy’s for a lot less than us (even with the conversion). It sounds good to me, but just so you don’t get your hopes up too much, I don’t think the Max Daddy 2.25 compares to a Monty or Onza 2.5". Sounds really good for the money though.