A unique reason to unicycle + 1 or 2 experiences.

Hi, I’m a newbie here - previously just a lurker until I noticed that the
legendary John Foss was an active contributer. :-o

I spent some time wondering whether I should get a unicycle about three months
ago. Other things were on my mind. After about two years of misery I plucked
up the courage to see a doctor and was diagnosed with clinical depression. I
was put onto antidepressents which have had no effect. They’re going to be
changed soon, meanwhile I’m having counselling which is a rather slow process.
I digress.

When I explained to my GP back at home (I’m now at university studying
Electronic & Electrical Engineering) that I was expected to go to university and
I didn’t really do much for myself - even playing the violin brings little
enjoyment for me, he explained that I should find something that I want to do…
It was at that point I decided to buy a unicycle. After hunting around a bit I
found somewhere in town to buy a unicycle which, I think, is made/imported by
Bogglefingers. It’s a 20" standard uni which is very well made - all the right
features: a comfy saddle, tough rubber strips on the front and back of the
saddle to avoid damage when it clatters to the ground, plastic (less pain) but
still pretty good grip pedals, proper crank/axle/bearings, pneumatic tyre (of
course). I started to learn to ride and after about a month I was managing to go
forward quite successfully. I have since learned to freemount (both feet, though
I prefer left-foot-stationary) and I am trying to learn to ride it backwards
before learning to idle. Unfortunately my depression continues.

For a picture of my unicycle (got anything better to do?) go to:-


It cost me £100 - a great incentive for learning to ride and once I got the hang
of it, I realised that it is worth every penny.

Am I the only clinically depressed unicyclist?

I have had comments (mainly positive) as I ride my unicycle around campus. I
chain it up and have not had much in the way of security problems except that
some low-life decided to let the air out of the tyre whilst I was shopping. The
valve broke as I was trying to re-inflate it, I’ve since replaced the inner
tube, pumped it up to a better 45/50psi and tightened the valve-cap with pliers
so that it can’t be removed by hand. Let’s hope that’s the end of such problems.

Naturally I’m getting very tired of repetetive comments about missing a wheel…
What I really long for is another unicycling friend (1 or 2 people here can ride
unicycles but, to my knowledge, I am the only one who uses his uni for
day-to-day transport) with whom I can unicycle, side by side, giggling and
staring at people who are walking. We could say things like: “Did that take you
long to learn?”, “Are you in the circus?” and, best of all, “Where’s your
wheel?”. :slight_smile:

Anyway, sorry for the long post… As I was asking - does anybody know somebody
who has turned to unicycling to focus attention away from a life-less existence
in order to gain some element of hope? If anybody lurking is thinking about it I
would recommend unicycling for unicycling not for escape, since return to
solitude and self-hatred will always exist if you’re anything like me.

Andrew Jones (Well, I shouldn’t really be ‘Jones’ but that’s anther story)