A Unique Drawing? Can You Do It?

I am looking for an original unique and non-trademarked drawing of a “rider on a unicycle” (viewed from the side)for use in promotion items (auto decals, shirts, etc) prior the launch of Just One Wheel’s Party & Training Center.
Aprox. dimensions are to be H 4" x W 2 1/2" Size can vary a bit.

The member who submits the winning drawing will receive one of each type of promotional items manufactured.
You will receive a shirt, window decal, Helmet decal and more.

Items will take approximately 4-8 weeks for delivery.

Unique and Fun are the only requirements!!!

Thanks for all the help.


I might have something you can use, we have an artist at Circ Soc here in Southampton, and he’s been doing line drawings of the performers practicing in the club meetings on monday, just while he’s been having a break from diablo. I’ve looked at the unicycle stuff he’s drawn, and while at the moment it’s exclusively ‘learner’ poses, with arms outstretched and holding desperately on walls, my unprofessional eye is really drawn to them from a stylistic point of view.

Problems may arise from the fact he’s not always at the club, and I’m bad with names/faces so the only way I’ll recognise him is if he gets his sketchbook out again.

If he’s around on Monday I’ll see if he can’t try and capture me just riding past, side on. I’ll then somehow get the picture scanned and posted here so you can see what you think.


Here is some things

here are some pics tell me if you like them…




did i win??

Great work!

It is important to have the rider in a normal riding position.

I’ll let you know what I think will work after looking at more work.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Adam. If I win, I can custom tailor this to ya, didn’t want to spend too much time on a #2 :slight_smile:

Nice job!

How would it look in black and in an oval?

Something like this:

Man, she needs to raise her seat.

i hope u dont mind me editing ur pic, but i thought the picture would
look better if there was some more color in the pic and if there was something too catch the eye!!

so i thought i would try and make something stand out, and i think the
unicycle would need to be the subject, so make it stand out!

this is a rough idea of wat i thought it should look like!!

Check oot my Avatar…

The best so far

I think alot of the guys are not going to want a unicycle decal with a female riding?

Do you have a shot of a male rider?


I can do this, just gimme a few days. BTW: to all designers, dont mess up your saddle, it might end up on funny junk.