A Unicyclists Brief Catalog of Honks

Honk 1 - The neighbors friendly honk while passing
Honk 2 - The honk of greeting of the local resident who recognizes you even though you don’t necessarily know them
Honk 3 - The complete strangers friendly greeting honk (usually a female)
Honk 4 - The complete strangers honk of encouragement often accompanied by a polite shout of “way to go” or something similiar (often but not always an adult male)
Honk 5 - The complete strangers aggressive honk indicating a need to be a part of the event but not knowing what else to do (usually an adult male)
Honk 6 - The teen/early twenties very aggressive honk usually accompanied by a startling holler of some sort, but not intended in a mean way
Honk 7 - The teen/early twenties extremely aggressive honk usually accompanied by a nasty insult or loud attempt to cause the rider to fall
Honk 8 - The aggressive repeated honk of someone who feels put out by having to share the road with you

What honks have I missed?

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Flip Wilson once said: “If he’s the honker then that makes you the honky.”

How about that short honk just to let you know they’re going to pass you. No recognition or malice intended, just letting you know they’re there.

Honk 9 The person behind someone who didn’t see the light turning green because he’s looking at the unicyclist who just crossed the street

Re: A Unicyclists Brief Catalog of Honks

Honk 10 the honk heard by a unicyclist that has nothing to do with the unicyclist,he/she just thinks the honk is at them because they are a vein unicyclist…

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Dracula unicycles?


Honk 11 The honk of a Unicyclist passing pedestrians on a path/street…usually followed by pedestrian getting as far away from the uni as possible, because its impossible to ride one wheel and you are going to fall off any second.

Honk 12 The loud surprizing honk from something like a semi/tractor trailer air horn, that you know wasn’t intended for you, but still makes you jump nearly out of the saddle.

Re: A Unicyclists Brief Catalog of Honks

I didn’t see this one:

Honk 13: Meant to be encouraging/friendly but the driver creeps
up on you and honks so close and so loudly that it scares the crap
out of you.

Arnold the Aardvark

Honk 14: The honk that causes you to fall off when in the middle of a dense wood ‘cause you know there’s no traffic for miles, but strangely no one you’re riding with hears it!


Honk 15: The mad cry of a goose chasing you because you cycled along “it’s” path.

Ah, the wildlife on campus… :slight_smile:


Honk 16: The Honk of John Foss as he impatiently tries to pass you on a narrow trail while he rides his Exceccessory Cycle. (Easily mistaken for the cry of a mad goose chasing you).