A unicyclist's blinkered view of the world

Let me get the ball rolling:

I can’t believe that the Copenhagen Zoo fed a giraffe to the lions. Poor unicycle.

OK, I’ll play-
… Perhaps the lions were iron deficient?

Maybe they try offering Meals on Wheel(s) to the animals?

I think I can see the problem. When I look at word zOO, I see two wheels not one. Maybe they were afraid that a one wheeled giraffe would upset the gene pOOl. lol!

I had no idea that Surly made a tire called the Temple. After 85 years, it was just discontinued.

Denmark seems to be in the news at present with other ‘controversial’ acts on animals. Here are some images of dolphin killing. Don’t get me wrong, I have no axe to grind here. Apparently the international community have.

One of the photo captions reads, “The butchery is neither painless nor silent. Dolphins scream out, sounding very much like a human child, as they are sliced and hacked apart while still alive and conscious.”

I guess the giraffe was lucky :roll_eyes:




Oh marvellous internet:



The dolphins should have worn helmets. And Kris Holm Percussion armor.

Wow, oceans of blood! Beautiful, human-like animals being massacred even though they are too full of mercury and insecticide to be eaten safely! Just in case you thought you could use this forum to escape the increasingly grim news of the world…

I didn’t think it would take too long until people completely lost sight of the OP’s intention. This was a dangerous foray into the comprehension skills of the community.


I agree, starting this thread with a post about the recent giraffe killing controversey probably wasn’t the best way to start a joke thread :smiley:

I’m rubbish at making silly one-liners up, so I guess I’m no better as I can’t pull this thread back on track…

I sense a complete missunderstanding here.
I don’t support the killing of anything, i don’t eat animals, i know the grim world out there.

Just wanted to point out that these pictures are often posted in wrong context, etc. to remind people to be aware of such things.

The giraffe in the zoo,…, hm, don’t know, seems like it would have been killed anyway (because of international zoo regulations).

Giraffe, unicycle, joke, haha,… yes, it is tempting to start a joke thread, but when it comes to killing something everyones sense of humor can be quite different.



What a bunch of cranks. Ba-dum ching!

Thank you. You’ve been a great audience. Let’s shut this thread down.

Hmm. Not sure what I misunderstood, but anyway, going off topic from time to time is quite healthy, I think, even for people who need to stay focused enough to ride on one wheel. If all we did on this forum was sit around and talk about our cranks, that would make me a sa-a-ad panda.

Actually, speaking of animals, has anyone seen that video of a homemade trials course on a farm somewhere in (I think) California? It has some handpainted credits and a big friendly dog, and somewhere near the end, the unicyclist gets crapped on by a chicken. I saw it once, but then was never able to find it again…

Had it’s greatest rolls during the 1930s and 1940s.

Seems to be quiet narrow for a surly tire. Maybe a forerunner model of the knard 41 …

I remember Surly’s Temple tire. When I heard they discontinued it I found myself more surprised that they were still manufacturing it.