a unicyclist wedding

Those of you who know them may be interested to hear that Carl Hoyer (“muni_guy” from Toronto, Canada) and Sara Stockhausen (from Bottrop, Germany) got married yesterday (Friday February 11th) in Germany.

They first met at the NUC held in Toronto in 2001. Carl was very busy organizing at that time so they didn’t really get to know each other until the next year at UNICON in Snoqualmie.

After the wedding they’ll be returning to Toronto and living there. There won’t be time for a honeymoon straight away as they will be busy getting ready for the Toque Games. www.toquegames.com

Congratulations to Carl and Sara!




When does the DVD come out? Were they idling one footed during the ceremony? Were the attendents unicyclists also?

Congratulations Carl and Sara!

Two great individuals who are even better when combined. I hope to see you guys again at the next California Muni weekend.

Thanks for the announcement Jeff.


That is totally cool. Congratulations to them both.

Congrats Carl and Sara!

Congratulations. Nothing like finding someone who shares your passions. Best part is you came into the relationship with the same passion, not just merely adopting the passion of the other.

Ride Solo, Sleep Tandem.:smiley:

Many congrats and many wishes for many wonderful years together.

I just happened to find a picture of Beth Leonard of Mountain View, CA. I don’t know who she is, maybe she reads or posts here but it’s an interesting shot. She is associated with a group called Gonzo Unicycle Madness.

Congrats to the both of you!!!

Congratulations to Carl and Sara!

Harper asked (or at least that was the implication to pick a nit before someone else does) if they married on unicycles which I don’t know. Teresa and Sem Abrahams did their wedding ceremony on unicycles - was it in the 1980’s?

Bruce I’ve taken the liberty to repost your Beth Leonard picture.

Klaas Bil

That’s wonderful! Wow. I never would have guessed on the two of them, but I’m very happy for them. Congradulations!!

Thanks everyone.

We had a relatively small wedding with immediate family and friends and no we did not get married on unicycles. Sorry.

That being said, Sara’s former unicycle club from Dorsten, Germany did line up on unicycles for us outside the church with Christian Hoverath and his mom holding up a giant cloth sheet with a large heart that said “just married”. Sara and I then had to cut the heart out and jump through the hole.

We had a wonderful time and thank everyone for their support.

Sara & Carl

Congratulations Sara and Carl - that’s great. Will we see you in Moab like last year?


Congratulations, Carl and Sara! A beautiful couple.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

February 11th. Interesting date. It’s my mom’s birthday. It’s also the day I bought my very first unicycle (picture of the day I bought it: http://www.unicycling.com/garage/giraffe.htm).

I believe Sem and Teresa were married on unicycles in 1986. The story was carried in tabloid newspapers all over the world.

The lady from Gonzo Unicycle Madness must have been a student at Harvey Mudd College. But I don’t know her.

I must get round to posting my unicycling wedding photos somehwere. While my wife doesn’t ride a unicycle, one of my groomsmen does so we had a bit of fun during the photo shoot. (My wife didn’t let me ride down the aisle though :slight_smile:

Jeremy Schafer (a.k.a. ymmij or Jimmy Schafer, unicyclist and origami guy) got married last year; the ringbearer was Berkeley’s famous Pink Man (who arrived in his pink unitard on his unicycle), and at the end of the ceremony, Jeremy and Alicia rode off hand in hand on their unicycles.

Congratulations to Carl and Sara!

Carl & Sara, Good on Ya! You two are Ace! May your marriage be full of purpose, growth and blessings.

Any 12" or 16" uni’s in your future ;)?

Dustin & Katie