a UNICYCLIST.COM testimony

Last night(after weeks of trepidation) tried backward riding against a tennis court fence. After falling many times(on my feet) I was able to go about 2 revolutions backwards!! I can’t believe it! Before I fell the moment my momentum moved backwards. A tip from another unicyclist about standing straight and watching a 9yr old kid on video going backward inspired me to try again. Going backward has high risk of UPD, I believe. Since the tragic story by dogbowl and his elbow, I had my full pads and helmet before attempting it. Get well soon, dogbowl! :slight_smile:

What I am most amazed it this: in span of one week, I learned the beginning of something complete new on my uni.

  1. side-mounting
  2. backward riding.
    And all this on my new Coker! WOOT WOOT! :smiley:

I started with a 24" uni 2 years ago just for show then quit cause I thought that was all I can do on a uni. Then this year 2005, I discovered this forum and bought a Coker. Three months ago, I was just content on turning and riding fast on my uni. Being active on this forum; reading posts, watching videos, participating on activies has made me better unicyclist! I would never of thought of doing such crazy things as MUni, or freestyle, or ride my uni without a tube!

What is YOUR testimony? Share! :slight_smile:

After spending a few months on this foum, I have discoved my savings account balance has dropped by almost $1,000.

But, that’s worth having actually ridden a mountain bike trail on my unicycle, which I would not have done without the peer pressure and my competativeness with every member of this forum.:smiley:

I remember the 1st thousand i spent…how many has it been since? hmmmmmmmmmm

When i was WEEEL little, I asked for a unicycle for my birthday just for the heck of it. I couldn’t believe it when my grandma actually got me a cheap 20"! For some reason, I only tried it once. UNTIL,i found it in my shed about 2 months ago. I was riding all the way down my 360 ft.driveway (i live in a rural area) within a week. I LOVED IT. Eventually I decided to try to find a website about unicycling, and here I am. I’ve only been a member for a few weeks. I am working on tight turns, speed, and balance. I hope to one day balance on beams without moving like in those trials videos in the gallery.:smiley:

with out this website i might have never even ordered a uni, cause when i was gonna get my first one i was kinda switching between this and an r/c car, but then i came across this website and saw all the cool stuff you could do on a uni and then it pushed me all the way.

I like this site because everyone here is really friendly and accepting. It’s like walking into a pub and not feeling like the odd one out.

Yeah, right! :roll_eyes:
Try telling them you’re a professional clown. :frowning:

You guys know about the ultimate Unicyclist T-shirt ?

It looks even better on you.

Yes, this forum played a big part in encouraging me to become a unicyclist, rather than a unicycle owner. This forum encouraged me to choose a Coker instead of a 28, then to buy the 28 anyway.

Unicycling has cost me a fortune (over £150 on riding clothes and shoes this week!) but the ability to ride through beautiful countryside, and to share my enthusiasm for the sport with friends from all over the world through this forum is a great privilege. I’d like to thank my agent, my producer, the director, the members of the Academy, my mum, my friends, my aunt Sally, my uncle Jim, my girlfriend, and most of all my fans… [At this point, Mike broke down in tears and was led away to a darkened room.]

I spent last summer in Los Angeles. Through rec.sport.unicyling & unicyclist.com, I got in contact with teachndad, who lent me his custom MUni. He even drove 45 minutes out of his way to drop it off! (thanks again Rod!)

I rode that awesome wheel (sans brake & airseat) daily in the Angeles National Forest, which has some rather nice peaks.

Over the winter, I finished up my degree and have permanently moved back to Southern California. My KH 2005 MUni is in the mail, hopefully arriving late next week!

I got a unicycle for christmas 2001 and i was sort of into it i tried Muni with it then trials then i got out of it for about a year or two because i was having more fun biking then it started to break freaquintly and i got really mad at it then i pulled my uni out and was having loads of fun then with the money i made at A+P i bought a 24" Onza and i’ve been having so much fun with it i still havent had a whole day of work yet to go ridin’ but this tuesday im gunna ride a 10K trail by my house, acctually ill probly do about half of it since im not a real good distance rider… yet :wink:

How about some old school rec.sport.unicycling testimony. :slight_smile:

I started lurking in the r.s.u. newsgroup long before unicyclist.com existed. I was a member of the online service CompuServe. CompuServe had a way to access the newsgroups out on the Internet. I searched the newsgroups for unicycles and found r.s.u. I lurked for a long time but learned more about unicycling but more importantly learned about the growing sport of muni. I learned that Pashley had just started making a MUni and that’s when I got hooked on unicycling again and started riding much more often.

I started lurking in the newsgroup sometime during the Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 era. Not sure exactly when but it was somewhere in the mid 90’s. Got the Pashley MUni in '97. Learned to unicycle way back in the very early 80’s before this Internet thing took off.