A unicycling video

Heres a video I made.
I’m much better at my flip tricks stuff now, and this video doesnt have a lot of my new stuff(hickflips,180 180flips,180backs,SIBflips)
But here ya go:



Very impressive! You make it look so easy, but it’s not! What was that first song? And your tire pressure looked soooo low in the first half of the vid! I think I should go with lower pressure in my trials. Very inventive riding-I loved it! :smiley:

Btw, how long have you been riding, and about how many hours per day do you practice to get that good?

You are just rocking!

and… i cant read the credits.;… that color…

Beastie Boys! Some gooood music. I love the flips, real nice. CAn you do them seat in? Its great music.


grr i almost caught up to u

Man your flips are so clean…I love em…And that last bail was ace man…Very nice

that was some totally awsome riding - and some good bails Great vid :sunglasses:

Yeah, I’d also like to know! :sunglasses:

Thanks! The first song was “The hives are law, you are crime” by the hives.
Yeah, I know my tires really low, but I like it low.
Ive been riding for around 2 years, I think. :roll_eyes:
I dont “practice” unicycling, but I ride almost everyday for 20minutes to an hour.


Oh yeah, about the cradits, they turned out really fuzzy on google vid, but they say:

riding-bryan stevens
music-beastie boys,the hives

nice but why seat out on everything ?

Sweet Bryan, I like the lime green uni. Keep it up

great vid. You need to make another bc vid though.

hey can u put it in the gallery. google vid dont work for me.

nice job!!

That was awesome bryan. I want a yard like that…

Your torker cx mutant thing looks really funny:)

Your flips are flowy, it just looks weird when you have to pull the seat out, its cool though.

Cool music and nice riding.

“I am about to pull the biggest stunt ever done in the world”:slight_smile:

Here you go.

Great vid!
Excellent ‘Jackie Chan’ stylee of climbing stairs at the end too. :slight_smile:

(What do you mean, “Who’s Jackie Chan?”)

that was way sweet.

nice video

I’m really afraid of seat in flip tricks, I just dont want to nail myself with my feet not on the pedals.

I can do everything(flips) seat in, too, I only do them seat in with my seat really low and a really good seat(like a KHduel density fusion, other than my miyata foam on CF)

Thanks for the compliments guys
I made another video(on googlevideos), some of the same astff, but some more, including my broken KH rim.

:slight_smile: Thanks:)