A Unicycle Video game...

… that can be played with a real unicycle.

The game is: “The Uni Games” and the controller is the UniJoystiCle (a unicycle became joystick).

I works more or less like this:

  • You attach your smartphone to the unicycle pedal
  • The App that runs on the phone read the accelerometer and send that data to “UniJoystiCle wifi device”
  • The “UniJoystiCle wifi device” is attached to the computer and sends that data to the video game

So basically, the faster you pedal your unicycle (idling works as well) the faster the rider on the video game will go.

The video game has three events:

  • Road Race: Pedal (or idle) to go as fast as possible
  • Cyclo Cross: Just hop in order to jump
  • Cross Country: Pedal (or idle) + hop to go fast as possible + jump.

Video that shows how to play it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2cdoTU-GJU

The video game can be downloaded from here: https://github.com/ricardoquesada/c64-the-uni-games
And the instructions to build the device can be downloaded from here: https://github.com/ricardoquesada/unijoysticle

More info about the UniJoystiCle can be found here: https://retro.moe/unijoysticle/

Everything is free and open source / open hardware. If anyone is interested in having one of these devices, let me know! Thanks!

That looks… Interesting to say the least! What do you spin the unicycle on? A roller-trainer maybe?

Interesting :slight_smile: That looks like an A600 or C64 in the clear case, cool.

thanks. to play the game you can actually pedal (roll) or idle. rolling allows you to go faster. so, the roller-trainer is no necessarily needed, although it would be great to test it in one.

the game runs on a commodore 64. but you can play on an emulator.

The game can be downloaded from here:

And the emulator can be downloaded from here:

but in order to play the game with a real unicycle, a real commodore 64 (not the emulator) is needed.