a unicycle game!!!!!

a unicycle game its a bit boring but its addictive



OK, it is old, but let’s face it. Better to hear it a few times than not at all! Butty was recently registered and has probably not seen this before, at least not in this forum. Let’s rarther welcome him than be picky about what he says.

Although I see that many people suggest to search for a topic before you post a new one, I only partially agree with this approach. Of course, in many cases this would have been a good idea, for example if seeking advise. However, in a case like this where the point is to inform the rest of the forum and share something you enjoy with them, I think it is OK to say it although it has already been said. After all, it was your choice to read the topic, no one is forcing you (at least to the extent of my knowledge).

Therefore, don’t simply reply in a negative manner, rarther say that “yes, we have seen this before, but thank you for sharing this with us” or don’t reply at all!


How was that even negative? He was just stating that it was an old game that we’ve seen before. I don’t see any negativity.

Who care if it is old, or if Loosejello is being negitive. If you don’t like what he says, don’t read the forum. Thats what it is for, to voice an opinion, wether it is an old game or negitive. Sorry, had to put in my two cense.:wink:

Well I’ve somehow managed to be on here as long as I have without ever seeing this before. The gameplay is a bit primitive (most of these Flash games tend not to hold my interest very long anyway), but actually I think it’s a pretty good simulation of idling.

That was dumb. I didnt even make it into the top 100!