A *Uni*que experience!

My friend Chrissie and I had just bought our giraffe unicycles. We were very
excited and took to pedaling around the block for fun.(And of course so everyone
else in the neighborhood could see us! How modest!) We got the usual reaction,
“What the heck is that THING?” “Is that hard?” blah blah blah… My friend’s
mom CAN unicycle although she is not very proficient at it and decided to take
advantage of the opportunity and try Chrissie’s unicycle. She held on to the
blue sation wagon it their garage and carefully mounted. Holding her daughters
hand she rode a perfect 2 pedals and then something in her mind must have said,
“Whoa! This IS SCARY!” She jumped down and landed with a thud.

It took me a few months to work up to all the tricks I can do now. I would like
to do more but during the winter with ice and snow it isn’t safe to unicycle:( I
am still working though!

Even now after about 2 months of owning a giraffe unicycle I STILL get
funny looks!:slight_smile: